Nexus® Stack Home Recycling Bins

Space-saving waste and recycling bins, designed to help you create the ideal all-in-one waste sorting and recycling system for your home.

Attractive and compact, Nexus Stack Home 30l, 60l and 90l recycling bins offer the choice of single and multiple compartments for sorting household waste in the kitchen, utility room, study and anywhere you want to improve recycling, while creating a more organised living space. Choose a single, double or triple stack with a choice of 3 colour finishes and the option to create 2, 3 and more individual compartments to suit your needs at home.

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We know recyclable waste can often stack up on a worktop in the kitchen or utility room, so if you're looking to create a cleaner, tidier living space or you just want to improve how you segregate household waste for recycling, Nexus Stack Home recycling bins can help.

In and around the home, it's likely you will want to create a system that matches your household waste and recycling collections. For example you may want to segregate mixed recycling and paper/cardboard packaging from general non-recyclable waste. For this combination of 3 waste streams, you could choose a double Nexus Stack Home 60 and select a single 30 litre stack for paper / cardboard (which can get bulky) and then perhaps select a Duo stack which splits into 2 compartments to collect mixed recycling and general waste separately.

With a compact, square footprint, the Nexus Stack system means you can sort and collect a good volume of waste, in a small amount of space.

Available in a choice of three colour finishes, the Nexus Stack Home recycling bins also feature removable tilt bins for easy emptying and cleaning, along with a closed aperture design to keep odours contained inside and waste out of sight.

For more help, take a look at our guide to choosing stackable recycling bins which features helpful FAQs, hints and tips.

The Nexus Stack Home range of kitchen waste and recycling bins are versatile and adaptable to your needs. They can be used with or without sacks, as each removable tilt bin features a built-in liner - so no leaks. The removable tilt bins also make each stack easy to empty without the need to dismantle the stacking units at all! And with their smooth, polished finish and seamlessly moulded interior, each stack is easy to clean too.

Like to add a personal touch? Create a different colour finish or perhaps you would like to add some graphics to help the family? Talk to us about our personalisation service today.

Not only does the Nexus Stack Home help you care for the environment, it is manufactured with high-quality, environmentally friendly Duratec™ material which contains 40% recycled content and can be recycled at the end of its long service life.

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