The Glasdon Guide to Specifying Cycle Parking

Glasdon UK design, manufacture and supply a wide range of contemporary or traditional cycle shelters and bike stands that provide a modern and stylish solution to secure cycle storage, offer weather protection and promote cycle usage.

Bicycle Parking Racks & Stands

Bike stands are ideal for offering short-term cycle parking for visitors to your premises. Individual cycle stands like the Bi-Stander™ Sheffield Hoop Cycle Stands are securely fixed into the ground and allow two bicycles to be locked to each unit.

Cycle Toast Rack Stand

Bi-Stander Sheffield Hoop Cycle Stands

8 Place Armortec Coated Cycle Toast Rack Bi-Stander™ Sheffield Hoop Cycle Stand in Armortec Coated Steel

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The Bi-Stander range of commercial bike racks offers cycle parking for between one and twenty bicycles. We can provide ground-fixed or wall-mounted rings or hoops that are ideal for sites that need large amounts of uncovered cycle parking.

Bicycle Shelters & Storage

Where longer-term cycle parking is required, such as for staff or pupils, we recommend a Glasdon cycle shelter. The space used for two car parking spaces can easily accommodate a Glasdon shelter with secure storage for up to ten bikes.

For front-of-house siting in prestigious locations, many of our customers specify the Bi-Port™ Cycle Shelter, which offers the ultimate in contemporary design in a choice of colours and finishes.

Echelon™ Cycle Shelter

Bi-Port Cycle Shelter

Aero™ Cycle Shelter

Echelon™ Cycle Shelter Bi-Port™ Cycle Shelter Aero™ Cycle Shelter

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We offer bike shelters with transparent exteriors such as the Echelon Cycle Shelter, constructed from high-quality polycarbonate panels which are 3mm thick and are UV protected. Where steel or aluminium frames are utilised, these are supplemented with an Armortec® coating to ensure corrosion resistance all year round for a long service life.

All Glasdon cycle shelters are rigorously tested to ensure they perform to optimal standards and can be supplied pre-assembled for immediate use. Additional charges for pre-assembly may apply – please view individual product specifications for more information.

Secure Cycle Compounds & Enclosures

In higher-risk areas where shelters may be unmonitored, the Glasdon range of secure bike enclosures are ideal. These cycle compounds provide an enclosed, sheltered space for storage with full cover for protection from the elements. Bike racks and Sheffield hoops can also be supplied with your chosen compound to ensure bikes are parked securely to an immovable structure, whilst lockable entrances further help to prevent theft.

All Glasdon cycle compounds are supplied with hasp & staple or bolt locks as standard. The Echelon™ Corral Cycle Compound can also be supplied with a combination push button keypad lock, where a 4 to 6-digit access code is required.

The Bi-Store™ Corral Cycle Compound links Bi-Store Cycle Shelters to form a modular, secure parking area limited only by the space available.

Bi-Store Corral Cycle Compound

Aero™ Corral Cycle Compound

Echelon Corral Cycle Compound

Aero™ Corral Cycle Compound Bi-Store™ Corral Cycle Compound Echelon™ Corral Cycle Compound

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The Aero Corral Cycle Compound features highly attractive Durapol® Material ends which will not scuff or chip and never need painting. With the ability to store up to 20 bikes or motorcycles, this secure enclosure is ideal for use outside apartment blocks and large workplace buildings or universities.

To find out more about our complete range of cycle parking products, or to view our wider range of shelters including commercial waiting shelters & smoking shelters, please talk to a member of the Glasdon team today for more information.

Email us enquiries@glasdon-uk.co.uk | Call us on (01253) 600410 | Live chat with us on our website

Originally posted: March 08, 2013
Last updated: August 06, 2020
Thursday, August 6, 2020

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