What are the benefits of office recycling?

Sustainability and recycling are a priority in the minds of organisations both large and small. With more and more individuals taking an interest in environmental issues (95% as shown by a TNS Study*), it has become increasingly important for offices to implement their own greener practices. Incorporating office recycling bins in the workplace can be beneficial in more ways than one - so what exactly are the benefits of office recycling?

Lady in office with recycling sign

Creates cost-savings

Many organisations underestimate how much their waste is costing them. Implementing a recycling programme in your office can help offset the expense of existing costly waste management and disposal methods.

If you have valuable recyclable material such as aluminium cans or cardboard, providing dedicated office recycling bins for these waste streams could help you save money where you would previously lose it.

We provide a range of office recycling bins to help you create a successful and coordinated recycling programme.

Helps the environment

According to Wrap**, 60-80% of office waste in the average workplace is paper. Recycling common items found in the office such as paper waste, aluminium cans and plastic bottles minimises the need to manufacture new materials. This helps us reduce the consumption of energy and resources that are associated with processes of material extraction and generation.

Schemes at work could also begin to ingrain recycling methods in your employees' lives which could encourage them to expand their efforts outside of work. 

Learn more about how to encourage your employees to recycle.

Inspire company growth

Job seekers are attracted to organisations with sustainable practices, as shown by research from PWC*** which found that 65% of people want to work for an organisation with a powerful social conscience. Incorporating greener practices such as office recycling can therefore help to increase customer growth by attracting and retaining a greater number of people when it comes to hiring.

Boosts your brand

Sustainability is often an influential factor for customers. TNS’s study* showed that 70% of the UK participants would like more information on the environmental friendliness of brands, so make sure your commitment to recycling is known by prospective customers. Being vocal about your recycling efforts could win you loyalty from both new and old customers as well a boost your stakeholder relationships.

Our essential picks for office recycling:

Eco Nexus® 60 Mixed Recyclables Recycling Bin

Mixed recycling bin in office

Flexible siting

Hidden sack retention

Choice of stream graphics

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Nexus® 30 Confidential Paper Recycling Bin

Confidential paper office recycling bin

Ideal for offices and meeting rooms

Comes with key lock

Choice of stream graphics

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Nexus® Cup Recycling Bin

Cup office recycling bin

Features a side pod reservoir for unwanted liquid

Contemporary and stylish design

Ideal for siting near or next to drink machines

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Nexus® 140 Mixed Recyclables Recycling Bin

Large mixed recyclables bin

Large capacity

Available in different waste streams

Ideal for communal spaces

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* https://www.tnsglobal.co.uk/sites/tns-uk/files/TNSUK_GreenShoots2014Feb19.pdf
** http://www.wrap.org.uk/sites/files/wrap/A%20recycling%20guide%20for%20offices.pdf

Friday, October 13, 2017
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