Confidential Waste Bins

Glasdon offer a range of stylish and robust lockable confidential waste bins to keep your private documents secure before shredding. The paper recycling units are available in a variety of colours to co–ordinate with any environment such as schools, workplaces and organisations.
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In the last NFA Annual Fraud Indicator they estimated that the cost of identity fraud alone is close to £3.3 billion each year. This puts into perspective how important confidential waste bins are.

It’s recommended that every business should keep their sensitive waste paper documents secure before disposal, which is why all our paper recycling bins have a robust locking system to protect them before recycling. Glasdon paper waste bins are ideal for offices and they can be placed against walls and beside desks, taking up minimal space.

As well as confidential waste bins we offer a range of recycling streams for indoor and outdoor use, such as: glass recycling bins, paper recycling bins, double recycling bins, and plastic bottle recycling bins.

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