eBook: Everwood™: Stop the Rot on your Rural Cycle Routes

Rural cycle routes offer a unique cycling experience compared to their urban counterparts. However, for a cycle route to be successful, adequate and reliable safety measures must be in place.

Cyclists on a rural route with a Glenwood bollard in focus

Download the Glasdon Guide to Everwood on Rural Cycle Routes

Bollards and safety structures specifically designed for cycle paths are the perfect way to alert, educate and safeguard both cyclists and pedestrians while enhancing the overall appeal of the routes. However, opting for wood as an external building material often leads to significant structural issues, as many are well aware.

Fortunately, Glasdon has the answer... Everwood™!

We've compiled this eBook along with our road safety experts, to help answer your questions about why you should choose Everwood as your next material for rural cycle route success.

In this guide, we explore:

  • The Key Attributes Required for Cycle Route Success
  • The Downsides of Natural Wood and How Everwood is a Superior Choice of Material
  • Everwood™ Cycle Route Solutions and Glasdon Customer Success Stories

The full eBook is available to download below for free.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2024
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