New Icemaster 25™ Grit Spreader

Cut the risk of slips and falls this winter with the new Icemaster 25 Grit Spreader from Glasdon.

Made for smaller sites where a full sized gritter would be overkill, the new Icemaster 25 spreads dry grit or de–icing salt (such as our Ice–Melt™ product) evenly and consistently with almost no effort required.

Fill the corrosion–proof hopper with up to 25 kilos of your chosen de–icer and push along your path, drive or car park: the speed you walk at controls the speed and distance of the spreading mechanism.

Supplied in kit form as standard, or pre–assembled for an additional charge, Icemaster 25 can be ordered online or by contacting our sales team by phone on (01253) 600 410, email at, or use the Live Chat feature on this website.

New Icemaster 25™ Grit Spreader
Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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