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The Glasdon Group Worldwide

The Glasdon Group of Companies was founded more than 50 years ago by Group Chairman Donald J Sidebottom MBE, CIHT.

Today, Glasdon serves hundreds of thousands of customers through our global network of subsidiaries and authorised distributors.

Glasdon UK Ltd supplies our full range of products to more than 50,000 customers throughout the UK and Ireland. With a commitment to customer care and new product innovation, Glasdon UK is constantly evolving to meet the specialised demands of its ever-growing customer base.

Glasdon Europe SARL operates from Lille, France, and is responsible for the sales and marketing of the Glasdon range of products in France, Belgium, Holland, Spain and Luxembourg. Glasdon Europe was our first overseas operation and is a key player in the retail, local authority and industrial markets. Partnerships with our European customers have led to the development of a number of products, including Mini Plaza®, Orbis™, Evolution™, Luna™, Everglade™ and Fusion™ Litter Bins.

Glasdon Europe AB is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and is responsible for the sales and marketing of Glasdon products in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland.

Glasdon, Inc. is based in Richmond, Virginia and is dedicated to providing the Glasdon range of products to North America. Our most recent international expansion, Glasdon, Inc. handles production as well as sales and marketing. The company is seeing a lot of interest in the popular Nexus® Recycling Bins, with clients including Google, American Express, Yahoo!, Quicksilver, Nissan and BMW.

Glasdon International Ltd operates from our global headquarters in Blackpool and markets Glasdon products to countries without a direct Glasdon presence, supplying direct as well as through our worldwide distributor network. Glasdon International's key markets include Italy, Australia and the Middle East.

If you'd like to talk to us about our products, call Glasdon UK on (01253) 600 410, email, or use the Live Chat facility on this website. To contact our international subsidiaries, please use the following details:

Glasdon Europe SARL
France: 03 20 26 25 24
Netherlands: 0800-288 1212
Belgium: 02/502.00.00
Spain: 900 36 10 12

Glasdon Europe AB
Germany: +49 221 8282 9050
Austria: +43 720 884 539
Switzerland: +41 22 533 11 40
Poland: +48 22 307 14 58
Sweden & Norway: +46 31 895 880
Email: (German) (French) (Polish) (Sweden & Norway)

Glasdon, Inc.
Tel: 804-726-3777

Glasdon International Ltd.
Tel: (+44) 1253 600 435

The Glasdon Group Worldwide
Friday, September 27, 2013
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