Under Cover in Berkshire!

Named after its main town, Wokingham, the Borough of Wokingham is a local government district in Berkshire. The council were looking at ways to improve the image of their car parks and decided to purchase a number of Modus™ Shelters for their pay and display areas.

The main reason for purchasing these contemporary, long–lasting shelters was to stop revenue loss. The car park pay and display ticket machines are weather proof, but can become damaged and even stop working in heavy rain and in winter – resulting in visitors receiving free parking. The Modus shelter has helped to stop this happening, saving Wokingham from loss in revenue.

Providing shelter for the user is also important as sheltered ticket machines tend to get more use than those without. The Modus shelter in the Crockhamwell Road car park, Woodley, appears to have done the trick, as Wokingham Council are looking to extend this to other car parks with the same issue.

For more information on our range of multi–purpose shelters, call us today on (01253) 600410, email, or use the Live Chat feature on this website.

Under Cover in Berkshire!
Tuesday, June 9, 2015
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