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Street Lighting Products

While illumination requirements for road signs are constantly decreasing, there are still a large number of cases where external lighting is required. Glasdon UK street lighting products are designed to help you remove expensive lighting wherever you can, or slash your energy and maintenance costs where you can't.

The Rebound Signmaster bollard is a passively safe self-righting unit designed to recover its shape after a vehicle impact. Rebound Signmaster is available as a white illuminated bollard or a black or white non-illuminated bollard, and features panels of high intensity retroreflective fluorescent yellow material to make sure the bollard is visible in all conditions.

For bollards where illumination remains a statutory requirement, we offer a number of lighting options. For new installations, the Rebound Signmaster LED Bollard with Sublite Underground Box offers a complete solution and draws no more than 6.5 watts, slashing your energy costs. Rebound Signmaster conversion kits and the new Sublite Pod LED gear tray allow you to upgrade your existing installations to take advantage of the many benefits Glasdon street lighting products bring.

Our sign light solution is the Lumino City LED downlighter. With two models – one for signs up to 750mm and one for larger units up to 1500mm – the Lumino City allows you to illuminate sign faces well above minimum standards with an energy use of as little as 3 watts. The polymer sign lights will never rust or need painting. The Ecolumino gear tray (also available in 750 or 1500 sizes) will upgrade most existing sign lights to smarter Glasdon LED illumination. Hundreds of hazardous steel post chevron boards have been removed from roundabouts all over the UK and replaced with passively safe Chevroflex Ultra chevron installations to cut maintenance costs and reduce the risk of serious injury to vehicle occupants. The Diagram 606 sign face on a roundabout chevron sign is still required to be lit. We developed the Sublite Lumino Pod LED Uplighter to allow maximum quality illumination without impacting the passive safety of the sign face.

Glasdon's LEDs have an expected life of at least 50,000 hours – enough for more than ten years of British nights. LED light is brighter and whiter than traditional fluorescent tube light sources, helping it achieve better uniformity and illuminance ratings in performance tests. Fluorescent tubes require replacement at least once a year on average, which can account for a sizeable chunk of your maintenance budget and working hours.

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