Roadside Drainage Grip

The Glasdon Drainagemaster™ roadside drainage grip is a cost-effective solution to the drainage of dangerous pooling water on high speed rural roads. Manufactured with high quality, corrosion resistant polymer material, our drainage grip is quick and easy to install in just 15 minutes.

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Pooling water on roads can be dangerous to drivers and costly for highway maintenance budgets.

The Drainagemaster is a low cost, effective offlet solution which helps to prevent the dangerous pooling of water and helps to remove the aquaplaning hazards which can often increase the risk of accidents.

Not only is pooling water dangerous to road users, but the standing water can penetrate the road structure and cause severe damage, particularly on rural roads where there are generally fewer drains.

In freezing conditions ice is created and expands creating cracks and potholes in the road surface. Potholes can create a major hazard which can be extremely dangerous for road users and are very time consuming and costly to repair.

The Drainagemaster™ drainage grip is a lightweight, moulded highway drainage product that offers a more efficient solution to draining water from the roads surface.

Quick and easy to install by one person in just 15 minutes, the drainage grip can be easily and quickly installed into grass verges to create a ‘grip’ without the need for any mechanical equipment.

Made from Durapol® material, the drainage grip is tough and corrosion resistant offering exceptional strength and a long service life. It will not chip or rust, will never need painting and is easy to clean as the smooth surface discourages the build-up of debris which can be easily cleared with a shovel or brush.

Drainagemaster has been tested to withstand a drive over by a 3-tonne tractor and maintain performance where standard ‘grips’ would be rendered ineffective.

Find out how to install the Drainagemaster drainage grip quickly with our step by step picture guide.

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