5 Tips to Improve Communal Recycling

How can you increase participation in communal recycling programmes and decrease the cross-contamination of their waste?

We’ve compiled this quick guide to help you and your residents improve communal recycling rates:

1. Make Space to Increase Recycling

Providing residents with a communal waste storage area can help improve waste sorting.

According to WRAP, a barrier which stops people living in apartments from recycling easily, is limited storage space and the ease with which materials can be transported to a collection point. *

To help overcome this issue provide a designated area for waste and collection, with the appropriate size and number of colour-coded containers.

Modus container being placed into housing

Considerations for collecting communal waste:

  • Make sorting spaces accessible and practical.
  • Check waste containers are not sited in obstructive locations
  • Ensure waste rooms and waste containers are inaccessible to rodents or insects
  • 2. Minimise the Risk of Cross-Contamination

    Offering distinctly labelled collection containers for recyclable and non-recyclable waste can help minimise the risk of cross-contamination.

    Visage with cans graphic We recommend:

  • Grey or Black housings to store general waste bins
  • Bin housings with brightly coloured, moulded apertures for storing recycling bins
  • These colours reflect the wheeled bin lid colours, so occupants and refuse collectors can instantly recognise the intended waste stream of each container.

    The Visage™ Screen Systems feature large colour-coded graphics to depict the intended waste streams of each container. These colourful graphics help to encourage correct waste disposal and prevent cross-contamination.

    Modus™ Bin Housings are also ideal for creating communal recycling stations. The specially moulded apertures on the Modus recycling bin housing prevent rubbish bags from being deposited in the container to further minimise cross-contamination.

    Modus container in use

    3. Maintain Hygiene Levels

    Maintain outstanding hygiene levels to show current and future residents that you care.

    Modus aperture shelf
    The Visage screen systems and Modus bin housings hygienically conceal unsightly waste thanks to innovative features including:

  • A base skirting which keeps fallen waste contained and prevents rodents entering the bin contents
  • The waste deposit chute on the Modus bin housing guides waste into the wheeled container
  • Door-stay feature keeps the door open for ease and speed of access to the wheeled container
  • Easy to clean, low-maintenance design

  • 4. Increase Security and Safety

    Provide residents with peace of mind, by securely covering or housing four-wheeled waste containers to reduce the risk of theft, arson or other types of vandalism.

    Increase security by:
  • Siting communal waste bins in a secure location accessible for residents, property managers and refuse collectors only
  • Concealing wheeled containers in secure, lockable bin housings
  • Securing the Modus housing with lock

    Fire Safety

    Fire safety can often be a concern for communal wheeled bins.

    If fire safety is a concern for your site, we recommend the Modus bin housing with the Glasdon Firesafe™ optional extra. This automatic fire suppression device can be fitted inside the hood of the container. If a fire breaks out inside the bin, this device is automatically activated.

    The following tips can prevent bins from overflowing and help minimise the risk of fire:

  • Schedule frequent collection dates with refuse collectors
  • Provide sufficiently-sized bins
  • Politely remind residents of collection days by personalising bins with bin collection information
  • Designed from durable materials, the Modus and Visage wheeled bin housings also ensure a long-service life and can withstand vehicular impact.

    The Vandalex® frame also provides exceptional strength and weather resistance.

    5. Personalise your Bin Housing

    Fixing posters above or directly onto the bins is the most effective way to remind residents of sorting instructions.

    Thanks to their fully customisable design, you can add personalised sorting instructions directly to the Modus and Visage bin housings.

    Personalised Modus containers bbq waste and st barnabas hospice

    You could even add your housing association logo, recycling message or other personalised graphics to create an attractive, appealing recycling station.

    Modus housing three personalised containers

    To find out more about our Wheelie Bin Housings or large capacity waste management solutions – contact us today or speak to one of our friendly advisors on LiveChat now!

    Source: * http://www.wrap.org.uk/content/recycling-collections-flats-methods-improving-performance

    Wednesday, May 16, 2018
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