Focus on Hotels

Creating a tidy, organised and functional hospitality environment with effective waste control and risk management solutions is crucial for ensuring you leave a positive impression on your guests. Our extensive range of products are designed to complement any hospitality setting and to provide assurance for all visitors of outstanding hygiene and safety standards throughout your hotel. Whatever your hospitality needs and requirements, we can be sure you’ll find a solution within our range.

Our products for hotels and hospitality environments have been designed to be hard-wearing, high-quality and low maintenance. Rigorously tested to optimal performance standards, these waste management and safety products can help to improve visitor experiences and manage risks, whilst adhering to sustainable practices. Our products have been chosen for use in various hotels, motels, holiday resorts, luxury lodges, B&B’s and inns across the UK.

Glasdon litter bins and recycling solutions can help you keep on top of waste disposal and general recycling, alleviating the added pressure of having to sort waste separately. Whether you are looking for small and discreet, or sizeable and clear, you can be guaranteed we’ve designed a product that is right for your hotel.

Smart and sophisticated containers such as the Nexus® Style Recycling Stations are perfect for use in hotel lobbies and communal areas whilst maintaining a professional aesthetic. For hotel rooms, the Eco Nexus® Recycling Bins feature slim, space-saving designs to fit under dressing tables and in bathrooms.

To conceal large, unsightly wheelie bins from view outside your hotel setting, we also supply a selection of wheelie bin housings and screen systems, designed to house wheeled containers of up to 1280-litres.

Managing food waste is often a concern at hotels and improper disposal of this waste stream can be costly. Introducing a food compost bin into your catering area is a great way to segregate organic waste, manage portion control and help educate employees, all whilst doing your bit for the environment as you go and saving money on landfill tax. See our guide on solutions for hotel food waste recycling for more information.

For hotels and holiday resorts with outdoor recreational and rest areas, you may be in need of high-quality, low maintenance outdoor seating. We supply hard-wearing benches and picnic tables in traditional and modern designs, perfect for enhancing external spaces and providing a place for visitors to enjoy.

Looking to enhance visibility of your accommodation on the roadside? Glasdon Gateway Signs are fully adaptable to meet your business needs and catch the attention of passers-by on the road or on walkways leading up to your hotel. Available in different shapes, sizes and colours with custom messaging to suit your needs.

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