At Glasdon, we are passionate about our environment and committed to continuously improving our environmental performance. We continue to integrate sustainable and ethical practice in our day-to-day activities and aim to be an economically, environmentally and socially responsible member of the local and global community. We have invested considerable resources in understanding our impact on the environment and are accredited under ISO 14001, the internationally recognised Environmental Management System. Committed to reducing our company's CO2 emissions, we have installed 367kWp of solar panels at Glasdon Group Limited and Glasdon UK Limited combined.

The core of our business is to provide quality products which improve public spaces, enhance water and road safety and to protect the environment. These products help communities, businesses, schools and our other customers to practice sustainability.

Wherever possible we design our products using recycled and recyclable materials. We continually research new sustainable technologies and manufacturing processes to allow us to achieve this. The vast majority of our products are proudly manufactured and assembled in the United Kingdom which helps ensure our carbon footprint is kept to a minimum.

We invest in product innovation for the future. In designing new products we consider sustainability throughout the product lifecycle. We reduce energy consumption of our electrical products. Our Rebound Signmaster™ Range of bollards feature energy efficient, low wattage LEDs which represent a reduction in power consumption of 89% compared with fluorescent lamp technology. Longer service life and quality is also important. Our Lumino Lighting Range offers a minimum of 50,000 hours of light. This eliminates the need for maintenance visits which results in energy and carbon savings for local councils and our other customers.

Working Practices

Our company travel plan encourages employees to take part in video or telephone conferencing rather than visiting suppliers and customers. We also offer a cycle2work scheme, where employees can receive a discount on bicycles which will be used to cycle to work.

We continue to reduce our paper waste by emphasising the use of email rather than postal communication and discourage printing. Our waste management process encourages employees to reduce, reuse and recycle – with the use of our own fantastic recycling stations.

Throughout our supply chain we emphasise the importance of purchasing goods which have minimal impact on natural resources and avoid exploitation of individuals, communities and organisations.

Our Buildings

Our Innovation and Export Centre which won the "Blackpool Civic Trust Design in Excellence Award 2010", was built using high quality solar glazing and utilises highly efficient air source heat pumps for the heating and cooling of the building. Excess heat generated within the building is also used to heat the hot water supply. The building was constructed to be 30% more efficient than the current Air Leakage Standards and has also been tested and shown to have an energy rating that is 20% lower than the current industry standard for new office buildings. Water and Electrical usage is monitored on a regular basis.

In January 2016 we installed a 30kWp solar PV system to the roof of Glasdon House. The 120 solar panels generate around 25,000kWh of electricity a year. Since the installation of the solar PV system electricity consumption from the national grid has reduced by approximately 40% at Glasdon House with the surplus renewable energy being exported directly back into the national grid. The annual CO2 saving has been estimated at around 14 tonnes which equates to around 320 tonnes over the 25yr life expectancy of the panels. We have recently upgraded our lighting systems in our insulated warehouse facility in Virginia, USA to be T5.

In November 2019, a further 180kWp of solar panels were installed onto our Warehouse 3 in addition to the 157kWp solar PV system that was installed in August 2017. The combined solar PV installation on Warehouse 3 is estimated to generate around 270,000kWh of electricity per year and gives Glasdon UK Limited a total of 337kWp of solar panels. The system aims to directly save on the annual electricity consumption by Glasdon UK Limited by using approximately 70% (189,000 kWh) of the energy produced from the panels and will further cut our C02 emissions by an estimated 4770 tonnes over the life time of the panels.

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