Fixing Options for Bollards

Glasdon bollards are available with a choice of up to six different fixing methods. Which one is right for your application?

LockFast™ Socket System is the first Glasdon socket that works with our passively safe Impactapol® Material bollards. Rebound Bollards that can be quickly and easily replaced in the event of a serious collision save massive amounts of time and money - no re-excavation required.

LockFast Sockets can be used with rigid Durapol® Material bollards too, and offer a number of great features for either choice. The LockFast Socket is square, which makes it resistant to twisting and easy to pave around. The socket is just 350mm deep and has a flat base to cut the time spent installing it, and is made from corrosion-resistant Durapol Material to make sure it will last for many years.

Standard Socket System is available on almost all our rigid bollards. Socketed bollards are quick and easy to remove and replace, allowing them to be used for permanent, semi-permanent or temporary applications.

Where socketed bollards are removed, we recommend the use of a blanking cap.

Below-Ground Extended Base fixing is set in concrete for permanent installation. Depending on the bollard, either a ground peg or moulded-in feature ensures it remains firmly in place.

Bolt-Down Fixing allows a bollard to be installed on an existing concrete sub-structure in less than 8 minutes. Bolt-down fixing is perfect for locations where below-ground installation is restricted or impossible.

Bolt-Down Fixings with Adjustable Depth Concrete-in Anchors offer additional anchorage and provide a permanent fixing point that allows bollards to be removed and reinstated. Adjustable depth concrete-in anchors can be used anywhere a fresh concrete sub-surface can be laid.

Bolt-down bollards (using either standard fixings or adjustable depth concrete-in anchors) leave no trip hazard if the bollard is removed.

Guardsman™ Anti-Ram Raid Bollard Fixing. A galvanised steel reinforcing tube extends 745mm below ground level, which provides superb strength and impact resistance. The tube is then filled with concrete, and the bollard top is securely attached with hidden coupling bolts. Guardsman bollards are an excellent security feature that have been proven in tests to stop an unladen van dead at speeds of up to 30mph.

We hope this information is of use. If you have any questions on our range of attractive, durable road safety products that are proven to prevent accidents and cut maintenance costs, please don't hesitate to contact us - via phone on (01253) 600 411, email highways@glasdon-uk.co.uk, or try our Live Chat facility.

Friday, September 27, 2013

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