Illuminating Diagram 606 Signs... Did You Know?

It is a legal requirement to illuminate the Diagram 606 signface on a roundabout chevron installation.

Schedule 3, part 4 (1.) of the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016 (TSRGD)* states the illumination requirements for prescribed signs that are placed on a road subject to a speed greater than 20 mph and within 50 metres of any lamp which forms part of a system of street-lighting.

Out of Sight, Peace of Mind

The Glasdon Sublite Lumino™ LED Uplighter is designed to light signfaces up to 1200mm in diameter on chevron board systems, providing excellent, efficient levels of illumination without compromising safety.

Safety and Resilience

  • Safety first: the flush ground uplighter removes the potential impact hazard created by a traditional post-mounted downlighter.
  • Highly resilient: made of extremely robust Durapol® material it is designed to withstand accidental drive-over while the Sublite underground box is IP68 rated to prevent dust and water ingress.

Efficiency and Sustainability

  • Low energy solution: only 12w power consumption. A phototransistor ensures the unit is only illuminated during the hours of darkness and draws minimal standby power.
  • Low maintenance: the LED’s have a minimum life span of 50,000 hours. Equating to approximately 10 years when operated with the built–in Photocell or with a CMS device.
  • Sublite underground base box is made of 100% recycled Durapol® Material.

Combine with Glasdon Chevroflex Ultra™ Sign System

Glasdon Chevroflex Ultra™ chevron boards are a passively safe solution for highlighting roundabouts and hazards on rural roads.

Cut costs, prevent accidents and ensure chevron schemes are passively safe.

Chevroflex Ultra outperforms traditional chevron signs through:

  • Improved drive through performance – certified passively safe to performance standard NE3/100, motorcycle friendly and passively safe street furniture.
  • New Impactaflex™ material has been specially developed to offer superior rigidity and resilience combined with class-leading recovery performance after a drive-through collision.
  • Highly visible wall effect – offer a clear indication ahead of a bend or hazard in the road.
  • Easy to install socket for quick and easy sign replacement.
  • Versatile configuration options to suit your requirements.

Improve the safety and efficiency of roundabout chevron schemes with the Sublite Lumino™ LED Uplighter and Chevroflex Ultra™ Sign System.

*TSRGD 2016, Schedule 3, Part 4.

Thursday, June 30, 2016
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