Focus on Trunk Roads and Motorways

Motorways, highways and trunk roads are high-speed routes where even minor accidents can cause huge congestion, and road or lane closures are to be avoided at all costs. Roadside structures on the motorway and trunk road network are required to be passively safe and Glasdon UK offer a number of passively safe, crash-friendly products to complement them and enhance road safety.

We manufacture and supply an exceptional range of road safety equipment, used on highways and byways all across the UK and NI. As pioneers in the field of passive safety roadside structures, we have a wealth of experience from working with highways professionals and local councils, complete with a team of experts on hand to help whenever you need it.

Our range of bollards and verge markers are available as flexible rebound bollards, manufactured from passively safe materials that will return to an upright position after impact. Our products are tested to the highest European standard to ensure they will cause no damage to a vehicle or its occupants in a collision, as required by many highways authorities for high-speed roads.

The Neopolitan™ 150 Bollard is a popular choice as a delineator on the roadside, on roundabouts and to highlight road layouts, due to its large recessed area for reflective or decorative banding. Highly visible, this bollard is available with a variety of fixing options for secure siting on any surface. The Neopolitan 150 is also available as a 600mm reduced height model ideal for junctions where increased visibility is needed.

For use on bends and roundabouts, the innovative Chevroflex Ultra Sign System is a passively safe, self-righting modular solution, designed to prevent accidents and cut costs by outperforming traditional steel chevron boards. Where metal signs create a significant potential hazard if struck, Chevroflex Ultra is made from specially engineered Impactaflex™ material, which will return to its original shape after a drive-through collision. The latest generation of Chevroflex has been independently tested and proven to be passively safe to BS EN 12767:2019 at Performance Standard NE3/100.

Traffic schemes that require illumination will benefit from the use of an illuminated Glasdon bollard. Our Signmaster™ LED Bollards are ideal for use as ‘keep left’ bollards to identify hazards on urban highways and to direct traffic at junctions. The Signmaster is available as both a low-energy LED bollard and a solar powered bollard for a smart ‘zero energy’ highway safety solution. Alternatively, we also offer the Signmaster as a fully retroreflective model ideal for non-illuminated schemes. View the complete Rebound Signmaster Bollard range.

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