Glasdon Jubilee™ Duo 220: Combining the Best of Both Worlds

Glasdon has launched an exciting new addition to the admired Glasdon Jubilee range. A solution crafted to meet and refine the ever-changing landscape of waste management by combining two worlds of waste disposal.

The Glasdon Jubilee Duo 220

The Glasdon Jubilee™ Duo 220 is an on-street bin with dual waste-capturing capabilities, where elegant traditional design meets the benefits of contemporary style. Designed to tackle a large presence of waste in areas with high footfall in urban spaces, recreational areas, and high streets, assisting local authorities and operators in more ways than one.

Same Traditional Jubilee Aesthetic...

The same great look that brought Jubilee into the hearts of many towns across the country. A bin that seamlessly co-ordinates with British heritage in a modern world.

While we aim to move with the times as a company, incorporating contemporary design where appropriate, we strongly believe in the brilliance of all things traditional. Keeping tradition is an important philosophy in our design Glasdon Jubilee Duo 220 Litter Bin process and our Jubilee range is the perfect example of this.

The Glasdon Jubilee Duo stays true to this traditional design, inheriting all the same aesthetics and features that made its predecessor so popular. Our Glasdon Jubilee range keeps the cherished features of Victorian-styled bins but with a modern day twist. The unique ribbed design, that’s capable of blending with any street scene furniture and architecture is a clever deterrent to unwanted fly posting. Constructed from Durapol®, this material is favoured by many customers due to its ability to withstand graffiti and vandalism. Durapol can be easily and quickly wiped clean of graffiti and the material is even recyclable after its service life. A further benefit is the domed hood which prevents rainwater from pooling and litter from being left on top, an invaluable feature for an outdoor bin amid a busy crowd.

...New Waste Collecting Capabilities

Merging with the recycling practices of today to ensure a better future for tomorrow. A bin that effortlessly captures waste and actively encourages appropriate waste disposal.

Modern design isn’t just about looking good, it's also about finding new ways to enhance Glasdon Jubilee Duo Recycling Binsustainability in a world dependent on reusing materials.

The Glasdon Jubilee Duo combines two separate waste streams in one slimline unit, collecting a total of 220L of waste in two 110L steel or Durapol material liners. This reduces the frequency of emptying and the risk of incurring the damaging effects of cross-contamination. The Recycling Bin variant lets you choose the waste types you want to capture and support your area’s waste recycling program. You can merge streams such as plastic bottles with aluminium cans, or paper waste with mixed recyclables. For a more targeted approach to collecting street waste, the Litter/General Waste & Mixed Recyclables variant is the ideal choice; specially designed to tackle the most common forms of waste.

A Deep Dive into the Duo

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Dedicated Shaped & Coloured Recycling Apertures and Graphics

Reduce cross-contamination with easily identifiable waste streams using colour co-ordinated recycling apertures and graphics.

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3-Point Interlocking Double Door

A fail-safe gravity action with slam shut operation securely engages the door, whilst a corrosion-resistant, minimal, unique keyed locking mechanism ensures the unit can only be accessed by operators. One key is required to open two doors.

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Keyed or Keyless

Available in either a keyed or foot-activated keyless model, removing the need for operator keys.

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Overhanging Aperture Shelves & Anti Cross Contamination Shield

Ensures that litter falls directly into the liner. This will lead to low levels of maintenance, as minimal cleaning inside the bin unit is required.

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Suits Heritage Streetscapes and Town Centres

Choose from a range of engaging colours to fit your existing styles. Available in black, millstone, dark blue, deep green and anthracite grey.

Neil Gilkes, Sales Manager for Glasdon UK Limited said:

“We are excited to offer the latest instalment to our revered Glasdon Jubilee range. The newest addition to the collection offers the same great features and benefits of our popular Glasdon Jubilee™ 110 but with an increased capacity and dual waste collection capabilities. We understand that the needs of our customers are forever changing and we’re happy to be able to develop and adapt to those needs.”

Optional Extras available to improve your Duo 220

Gold or Gun Metal Grey Hood Ashtray - To effectively deter cigarette littering. Coordinating with colour and identifiable graphics.

Gold or Gun Metal Grey Aperture Stubbers - To protect Durapol material. Also able to coordinate with colour and identifiable graphics.

Liner Elastic Sack Retention - For use with Durapol or steel liners to provide secure fitting of sack, ease of use, speed of use.

Recycling Aperture Panels - Help prevent the cross contamination of waste with dedicated aperture panels; ensuring the correct use of chosen waste stream.

A4 Poster Frames - Include sponsorship opportunities or display council campaigns. Easy to personalise and effortless to change.

Mouse Hole & Bait Box Area - Secure and safe vermin control with easy maintenance access.

Two Glasdon Jubilee Duo Recycling Bins on the Beach

With 60 years of waste management experience, Glasdon is renowned for quality, design and cost-effectiveness.

Talk to a member of the Glasdon team today via our LiveChat service to discuss how the new Glasdon Jubilee Duo 220 can benefit your waste management schemes.

Monday, July 17, 2023

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