Glasdon Focus on Capital One

Implementing a new Recycling Programme for Capital One.

Problem Identified

Capital One Bank, located in the centre of Nottinghamshire, is a substantial site with 500,000 ft2 of real estate. The site has two buildings, Trent House and Loxley House, which are adjoined by a link bridge and are occupied by 3,000 associates. The bright open plan environment, which combines a mixture of call centre and professional space, underpins its unique culture. The organisation has a strong environmental ethic and is always striving for improvement in waste management. The facilities and energy management company Dalkia, devised a programme to help Capital One strengthen its internal controls in the handling of waste and increase recycling within the company.

Nexus 50 recycling bins with multiple waste streams

Key Objectives

  • To reduce waste sent to landfill by 25% and cut spending on waste.
  • To recycle as much waste as possible.
  • To assign centralised waste collection points.
  • Ongoing improvement to make Capital One an environmentally friendly business.

The Solution

The company wanted to make sure that the centralised recycling units implemented would be in keeping with the vibrant office space. The Nexus units were ideal, combining the best Glasdon product selection to complement their vibrant workspace, with the practicality they needed.

The compact space-saving design and style of the Nexus units meant that they could be installed in corridors with ease. The colour coded apertures and eye-catching graphics make the Nexus units easily identifiable for the collection of different types of waste for recycling. The company purchased post mounted sign kits to use in conjunction with the units. The personalised graphics displayed complemented the unique design and reinforced the recycling message to staff.

Capital One also chose to install the stylish and versatile Envoy Cup Bank which collects plastic cups for recycling and stores waste liquid separately and hygienically. This eliminates the problem of waste liquid in litter bins or half-empty cups making areas look untidy.

The Nexus 140 was chosen for areas where a greater quantity of waste is generated, as the 140ltr capacity makes it ideal for larger communal areas. The Nexus 50 and 140 units have front-opening removable doors, which allow thorough cleaning and minimise the need for lifting during emptying.

Nexus 140 recyling bins with multiple waste streams

Resulting Benefits

Capital One implemented 32 stations in total around the site enabling them to recycle cans, plastic bottles, cups, paper and general waste. They are extremely pleased with the products supplied. As well as blending in with the environment, the products are also user friendly, easy to empty and maintain.

The Nexus units and Envoy Cup Bank have contributed to the success of this large scale recycling programme. The units are ideal for keeping surrounding areas neat and tidy as they sit flush against walls and have been easily installed into resource hubs and corridors.

The programme has enabled the company to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill by 33%.

What the Customer Says...

Rebecca Hedworth, of Corporate Real Estate, Capital One.
‘’The Nexus 50 and 140 provide a visually appealing solution to enable the business to become more environmentally friendly without any impact on the efficiency of the workplace.

The Envoy Cup Bank is an inventive solution to the awkward problem of waste liquid and cups.

Since the introduction of the Glasdon products, Capital One has successfully reduced waste sent to landfill by 33%, with further targets of 50% reduction looking achievable.’’ 

Glasdon Focus on Capital One
Wednesday, June 14, 2006
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