Race Ahead with Winter Safety: Meet The Turbocast 400™ Salt Spreader

Introducing the manual grit-salt spreader that demonstrates high performance with every turn.

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During the winter season, there are multiple risk factors which need to be managed. For personnel responsible for keeping pavements, walkways and carparks free of ice to safeguard others, possessing the right tools for the job can make a significant operational difference.

Meet the Turbocast 400 – a high-performance, low-maintenance, user-friendly manual salt spreader capable of broadcast spreading dry, damp, or wet grit/salt economically and quickly over large areas.

This new edition to our Winter Safety Equipment range offers all the exceptional capabilities of its renowned predecessor, the Turbocast 300™, and much more.

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Grit Smarter, Walk Safer

Through innovative Glasdon design which incorporates several key features and a focus on ensuring ease of maintenance, the Turbocast 400 Salt Spreader is the ultimate solution in the battle against ice...

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◊ Durapol® Material Chassis/Hopper

Using our specially formulated Durapol material, the lightweight hopper and chassis boast high resistance to both corrosion and impact. As a result, the spreader requires minimal maintenance and offers a superior extended lifespan.

◊ 3-7m Grit Spread Width

The spinner plate spreads grit up to 7 metres wide. This allows for effective distribution in hard-to-reach areas, like underneath parked cars. Simply adjust your walking speed for accurate dosage.

Turbocast 400 Hopper Lifting Off

◊ Detachable Lift-Off Hopper

A detachable, lift-off hopper provides easy access to the agitation and spinner mechanism. Spring-loaded locking pins and the removal of two fixings allow for simple hopper removal.

◊ 50L Capacity

A generous 50-litre capacity means refilling the machine is required less often. In just one load the gritter can spread an impressive 1,220 to 5000m2 (dependent on grit material and spread setting).

◊ 32kg Unladen Weight

The lightweight design, weighing only 32kg, allows for effortless handling and maneuvering. This helps reduce fatigue and makes lifting and handling the machine much easier when empty.

Turbocast 400 Spread Settings

◊ Six Spread Settings

With six levels of grit release across three ranges of dosage, users can manage output and minimise unnecessary waste. The spread can be shut off when moving between gritting locations to prevent wasting grit.

◊ Continuous High Strength Belt Drive

Achieve consistent spread regulation and reliable operation with the use of a direct drive mechanism.

Turbocast 400 Agitation Mechanism

◊ Enclosed Agitation Mechanism

To prevent salt clumping, the enclosure contains a specialised agitation mat made of corrosion-resistant rubber. This mat creates an oscillating ripple effect that breaks up grit and allows for a smooth flow through the gritter.

Comfortable Control

The Glasdon Turbocast 400 Spreader is designed to give you control over winter, no matter if you're a small business owner or part of a maintenance team.

Turbocast 400 from behind

In addition to its outstanding key features, the spreader's superior maneuverability set it apart from other manual gritters on the market. With advanced ergonomic design and minimal steel components, optimal usability and comfort are ensured in both empty and loaded states.

For example, the large puncture-resistant solid tyres and unique rubber wheelbarrow-styled handles contribute to seamless mobility, a practical turning circle and easy kerb mounting. Simultaneously, its slim structure and balanced weight allow it to navigate narrow spaces and effortlessly pass through doorways.

illustration of coloured tyre tracks

If you require more information on any of the topics covered or would like to discuss how the Turbocast 400 can benefit you, please Contact Us and talk to our team of dedicated specialists today.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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