New Glenwood™ Post

Wooden bollards are a common sight in the UK, from conservation areas to modern housing developments.

While wood grain is certainly attractive, wooden posts suffer from a number of problems:

  • Wood is prone to splitting and rotting, particularly at ground level where water pools
  • Wood needs to be treated once or more per year, which can be costly
  • Wood ages and weathers quickly, changing colour
  • Wooden bollards present a serious safety hazard if struck.

The new Glenwood Post from Glasdon UK Ltd solves these problems.

Glenwood Post is made from Everwood™ Material, a self-coloured polymer available in Light Oak or Dark Oak finishes. Unlike wood, Everwood is not porous and will never split or rot, or require any kind of surface treatment. A very realistic timber grain effect and square shape with a diamond top ensures the post looks just like a traditional wooden design.

Glenwood Post can be modified for use at three different heights - 1000mm, 830mm or 500mm - with moulded-in saw grooves making it easy to cut down the post on site.

The posts can be supplied with 37mm retroreflective banding for highways applications, and optional 100mm plaques are available in a range of standard signfaces for cycle path marking. The plaques are vandal resistant and rear printed to ensure the sign can't be scratched off.

For more information on the Glenwood Post, please contact our sales office.

Monday, April 15, 2013
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