Nova™ Storage Bunker: Elevate Your Sales with Compact Brilliance

Introducing the versatile sales solution designed to maximise ancillary sales across forecourts and retail sites.

Nova Lead Image

In the rapidly changing environment of forecourts and retail environments, a significant transformation is underway. Organisations are looking to make use of their external areas and broaden the potential for increased sales. Here lies an opportunity to capitalise on outdoor space and accelerate non-fuel sales using an innovative point-of-sale display solution.

Elevate your sales with the Nova™ Storage Bunker – a compact, high-capacity storage bunker equipped with advanced merchandising features, capable of storing and displaying a range of products conventionally sold by forecourts and convenience retail stores.


Your One-Stop Retail Hub

Compact Size

Nova Storage Bunker

This storage bunker boasts a space-saving design that optimises its interior capacity. It is an ideal option for sites with limited space or for larger sites wanting to improve their sales opportunities. For a seamless, cohesive display of promotional merchandise, multiple units can be situated side-by-side.

Large Capacity

Store and display several products of different sizes, effectively minimising the amount of re-stocking required and keeping more products on show. One Nova unit holds approximately 60 x 5-lite screen wash bottles.

Two Part Door

A one-of-a-kind design that brings all aspects of the Nova together. Whilst this lightweight door is designed for easy operation, it also provides a definitive opportunity to advertise. Simply fold up the hinged door, lift and slide the entire door into the body unit to reveal the interchangeable Foamex graphics display board.

In addition, the door offers exceptional protection from the elements, even when open, due to its built-in rain canopy. The ability to effectively safeguard against weather and moisture is an important factor for the storing of firewood under the Ready to Burn fuel certification scheme. For extra security during closing hours, the door is complete with integrated Hasp and Staple which neatly stows when the door is open.

Nova Storage Bunker Door OpeningNova Storage Bunker Door Opening

Customisable Shelving

Maximise your offer with a select choice of bespoke, durable, weather-resistant shelving options. There are three designated shelving areas for specialised kits, offering a versatile selection of seven different storage configurations. Each bunker is ready for newspaper, flower, charcoal, kindling, screen wash sales and more!

Simply identify the products you want to showcase and choose how to display them. This feature allows the operator to switch out shelving* in accordance with your promotional programme.

*Additional shelving can be specified upon purchase. Please enquire with our friendly team and they will be happy to advise which Nova configuration is most suitable for your needs.

Nova Storage Bunker Flower ShelvingNova Storage Bunker Newspaper Shelving

Durapol® Body & Door

Robust, durable and reliable – our specially formulated Durapol® material will not corrode, is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance throughout its lengthy lifespan. This makes the Nova a long-lasting and top-of-the-line product that can endure harsh weather conditions year after year.

Empowering Retailers, Engaging Customers

Although drawing in a large number of shoppers is important, it's crucial that they actually make purchases. Without conversions, the efforts made to attract them would be unrewarded. To ensure retail success, a thoughtfully designed and implemented advertising display can significantly boost the likelihood of converting window shoppers into paying customers.

Nova Storage Bunker Foamex BoardNova Storage Bunker Foamex Board

This is where the Nova excels compared to other storage bunkers. With the unique two-part door design and built-in interchangeable Foamex graphics display section, you can engage your customers before they even enter the store. This innovative advertising opportunity enables you to effectively promote marketing messages that emphasise products, brands, or your store's identity.

Nova Storage Bunker Personalisation Options

To boost the recognition of your brand and increase advertising potential, this product offers a variety of graphics and personalisation choices. These include customising the front door Foamex board as well as the upper and lower sections on each side of the Nova. Additionally, the storage bunker body is offered in four different colours to coordinate with your forecourt or storefront branding.

Please speak to our dedicated sales team for more information on our personalisation service.


If you require more information on any of the topics covered or would like to discuss how the Nova Storage Bunker can benefit you, please Contact Us and talk to our team of dedicated specialists today.

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

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