International Water Safety Month: Reflecting on the Need for Water Safety

Drowning is still among the leading causes of accidental deaths globally. This International Water Safety Month, we look at some safeguarding measures organisations can implement to ensure employees, residents and visitors are safe around water.

Guardian Life Ring Cabinets by the Sea

May is recognised as International Water Safety Month, with May 15th coined as the self-titled day to share the importance of staying safe in the water. With the awareness month upon us, we wanted to take the time to remind ourselves of the significance of water safety education, and how adequate Water Safety Equipment is vital for organisations that have a duty of responsibility around water.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide, with an estimated 236,000 annual drowning deaths.*

With summer just around the corner, the number of people visiting the beach, pool, lakes, and other bodies of water increases tenfold. This, of course, means a higher risk of drowning. While you may assume that the danger is limited to recreational areas, that is not necessarily true. Water hazards can be present in any setting. Therefore, to protect employees, members of the public and visitors alike, those in authority should take it upon themselves to analyse the risks and start implementing sensible measures to address them.

How Can Your Organisation Increase its Water Safety Levels?

Before considering physical preventive measures, the importance of educational interventions should not be overlooked. Implementing strategies to raise awareness, building consensus on solutions, and monitoring and evaluating efforts within an organisation can ensure that members are informed about how to protect themselves and others.

If your organisation has any water present that could pose a potential safety risk, whether from a simple water feature or a pond, it is imperative that you have the appropriate water safety equipment in place. Depending on your circumstances, this might be a necessity to comply with health and safety regulations and laws.

Following the RLSS Code

The Royal Life Saving Society UK provides a water safety code, which serves as a fundamental outline for all water safety education. It is designed to offer simple and easy-to-remember information for individuals across the UK and Ireland to assist them in case of an emergency.*

Whenever You Are Around Water -


Take time to assess your surroundings. Look for the dangers and always research local signs and advice.


When around water always go with friends or family. Swim at a lifeguarded venue.

In an Emergency -

CALL 999:

Ask for the Fire and Rescue Service when inland and the Coastguard if at the coast. Don’t enter the water to rescue.


If you fall in or become tired; stay calm, float on your back and call for help. Throw something that floats to somebody that has fallen in.

As May brings attention to global water safety, awareness of such matters should be at the forefront of all organisations. On May 15th, people from all walks of life will come together to learn the importance of staying safe in the water and help prioritise the prevention of drowning.

On Guard

After analysing the potential dangers of water present at your organisation, you should begin sourcing reliable rescue equipment. Lifebuoy rings, also known as preserver rings or marine rings, are synonymous with almost any body of water and are perhaps the most common safety precaution in water safety. It is essentially a flotation device designed to keep someone afloat in all types of water and situations.

Lifering Rescuing Man

When treading water saps the casualty of energy, a life ring can keep them afloat without the need to swim. If the waters are rough and there is a danger of being pulled under, the buoyant force of the ring can keep them above water. Additionally, when a casualty needs to be pulled ashore, the ring can function as a hook, securely hoisting them to the shore.

Glasdon is a market leader in manufacturing and supplying water safety equipment. Our range is designed with quality in mind, ensuring that equipment is kept safe and ready for action in case of an emergency. Our Guardian™ Lifebuoy Housing is the premier water safety protection product at a very affordable price. It is designed to inform, protect, guard, and allow for the quick and easy inspection of life rings. Available in two sizes, the Guardian Lifebuoy Housing 600 stores life buoys up to 24” (600mm) and the larger 750 is ideal for 30” (750mm) buoys.

Built-In Safety and Inspection Features

Guardian Life Ring Cabinet on plain background Manufactured from tough, vandal and weather resistant Durapol™ polymer
Ropemaster™ Quick Release Rope Management System – accepts various diameters of rope (up to 164')
Easy-to-follow instructions
Toggle latch – holds the lid securely closed, but enables quick and easy access in an emergency
Environmentally friendly – Guardian Life Ring Cabinets are recyclable at the end of service life
Various fixing options, including wall, rail, and pole
Personalisation options, ranging from safety instructions and warnings, to company or authority branding.

To complete our housings, we provide lifebuoys with a 30m or 50m throwing rope attached. Glasdon lifebuoys comply with Chapter III standards for life-saving devices, as outlined in the Life-saving Appliance (LSA) code (SOLAS, 1974).

B-Line Lifebuoy

For a smaller body of water, consider the B-Line Rescue Buoy - the lightweight water rescue device to accurately throw, increasing the chances of a successful rescue. Compact and portable, it makes an ideal life-saving water rescue aid for carrying in emergency service vehicles and for siting inside the Guardian Lifebuoy Housing.

For a smaller body of water, consider B-Line Rescue Buoy - a lightweight water rescue device designed for accurate throwing, increasing the likelihood of a successful rescue. Compact and portable, this device serves as an ideal life-saving water rescue aid for carrying in emergency service vehicles and for placement inside the Guardian Lifebuoy Housing.

Alternatively, our fully weather-resistant large-capacity storage container, the Slimline™, offers unrivalled durability, keeping all your life-saving equipment well-protected in all-weather types.

Browse our full range of Water Safety Equipment for more information, alternatively, if your organisation is unsure how to prioritise water safety, Contact our team of industry experts today!

Originally Posted: 26.04.23

Wednesday, May 1, 2024
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