Indoor & Outdoor Recycling Stations

Meet recycling targets with greater efficiency. Glasdon recycling stations offer a versatile and contemporary solution for your organisation's recycling scheme. Designed for ease of use, with dual, triple, and quad stream stations to save space and reduce cross contamination and handling time.

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Multi-Stream Recycling Stations

In response to changing recycling legislation in Wales and soon the UK, businesses are increasingly seeking efficient solutions for handling recyclables. Our diverse range of indoor and outdoor units are designed to meet these evolving needs as the nation takes it's steps toward a zero waste future.

Electra™: Versatile Recycling Stations

Our Electra™ waste segregation stations are designed with modern environments in mind, offering a unique, coordinated waste management programme. They’re a perfect recycling system for modern indoor locations including compact office spaces.
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Modus™: Secure High Capacity Outdoor Recycling Stations

Modus™ dual recycling units securely hold two wheeled bins within one high-capacity unit, increasing the recycling rates of an area. Ideal for the highest footfall spaces and events, they offer exceptional strength, weather resistance, and security, making them ideal for car parks, public events, tourist spots, sports and entertainment venues.
View Modus™ High Capacity Recycling Stations

Nexus®: Flexible Indoor and Outdoor Units

Our Nexus® recycling stations are a best-selling solution to your workplace’s recycling needs. Their slim design ensures flexibility of placement and collects large amounts of recyclables without taking up valuable floor space, aligning with the new recycling targets. They’re perfect for canteens, shopping centres, educational institutions and healthcare facilities looking to promote recycling.
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C-Thru™: Efficient Waste Segregation Bins

C-Thru™ clear recycling bins reduce cross-contamination of recyclable waste and enable easy viewing of contents for removal. They save time and unnecessary manual handling, aiding businesses in meeting the new waste segregation requirements. Also ideal for high footfall areas and where extra security measures are crucial.
See our C-Thru™ Recycling Bins

Recycling Legislation Changes in the UK

From April 2024 new recycling legislation requires all businesses in Wales to sort their waste for recycling into separate streams, including food waste, and from March 2025 all businesses in the UK will be required to have separate core waste recycling collections in place with food waste collections beginning by 2026.
With multi-stream recycling stations available with recognisable 'recycle now' graphics and specially moulded apertures, we're ready to help you manage your recycling streams.

Whether you’re looking to improve or implement your recycling scheme, our range of units are here to help. Explore our products today and take a step towards a greener future.

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