Stackable Recycling Bins

Save space and create the recycling system you need with Glasdon stackable recycling bins. These single, double, or triple stacked recycling containers are great for the home or office for all the recycling streams you'll need. Choose a low-key Nexus® Stack Home recycling bin for the kitchen or home office. Or recycle with recognisable colours and signage with our commercial stackable recycling bins.

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Stackable recycling containers are a great solution to sorting waste, especially where space may be limited or your main recycling bins aren’t close by; or if you need to create an eye-catching focal point that will boost the effectiveness of a recycling programme in an organisation or business environment.

Embracing the UK’s Recycling Revolution

As homeowners and businesses across the UK prepare for changing recycling policies, Wales leads the way, and the rest of the country is set to follow suit. The new approach takes waste separation, including food waste, further to maximise recycling rates and minimise landfill waste.

Efficient Waste Sorting Starts at the Source

The best way to sort recycleable waste is at the source. Having multiple recycling bins inside our kitchens and offices saves the unpleasant task of separating waste later, reduces cross contaminiation which could lead to collection refusals, and unnecessary excursions to the big bins.
With Nexus® Stack you can add up to 6 waste streams with 3 of our stylish stackable bins within a very small footprint.

Streamlined Household Recycling Without Clutter

Taking up a small amount of floor space, our range of home stackable bins are great for separating your recyclables without adding clutter. Stack up to 3 units with ample space for plastics, cans, and paper and be well on your way to ready for the coming national changes.

Which should you choose? Check out this handy guide to our stackable recycling bins.

Businesses Lead The Way: Commercial stacking recycling bins

UK businesses are at the forefront of recycling reforms, with anticipated changes by March 2025, all businesses will be required to recycle the same materials that we do at home and in 2026 will introduce food waste collection. Our Nexus Stack recycling containers are the ideal choice for commercial settings. Offering up to 6 waste streams, these bins feature bright, recognisable coloured apertures, lids and graphics to minimise cross-contamination. Whether in the office or staff room, they enhance recycling efficiency and contribute to a greener environment.

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