Passive Safety Standard: BS EN 12767:2007 Product Range

Passively safe bollards, chevron boards and hazard markers by Glasdon are compliant to passive safety standard BS EN 12767:2007. Designed to withstand vehicle collisions, impacts and nudges with minimised risk of injury to occupants, these bollards will self-right to their original shape once released.

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Passively safe street furniture is designed to minimise the severity of injury to occupants of a vehicle that collides with it. The European Standard BS EN 12767 defines a universal test that establishes the performance of a passively safe roadside structure. Glasdon passively safe highways products are tested by accredited independent specialists at MIRA and TRL.

These product tests are conducted with a small (900kg) car in a head-on, frontal impact at the highest possible speed to accurately stimulate conditions on rural A roads, where the highest number of traffic fatalities occur. Find out more about passive safety standards here.

Glasdon passively safe bollards and road equipment are available in a variety of styles and designs for a range of applications. The range includes full bodied retroreflective bollards such as the Rebound Signmaster™ Ultra Bollard, as well as road safety bollards with retro reflective properties such as top reflectors and banding options.

We also supply low-maintenance alternatives to cast iron bollards such as the best-selling Manchester™ and Jubilee™ Bollards. These plastic bollards are made from high-quality polymers that will not chip, rust or rot, all the while adhering to optimal performance standards.

Looking for a passively safe bollard solution to waymarking in rural or urban areas? Our range of sign-carrying, directional bollards, including the Mini-Ensign™ and Neopolitan Signhead™ Bollards, feature single or dual sign faces with a range of standard options. These are perfect for highlighting cycle routes, road delineation and keep left restrictions in any traffic calming scheme.

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