Glasdon Icemelt has a unique ice penetrating formula, which works faster, spreads further and is more effective than traditional rock salt. This efficient solution to keeping surfaces safe in wintry conditions is ideal for car parks, entrance ways and other pedestrianised areas.

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Glasdon Icemelt is perfect for icy steps, sloping paths and uneven surfaces where quick and efficient gritting is needed. Its unique, ice penetrating formula has a lower freezing point when combined with water than traditional rock salt. Rock salt lowers the freezing temperature of water to around -9°C. Ice melt lowers the freezing temperature down to around -15°C providing an effective and longer lasting solution in severe conditions, continuing to weaken ice and snow assisting with clearing. Learn more about the differences between ice melt and rock salt.

Available in 25kg bags, our highly effective Icemelt can be supplied with immediate dispatch and free delivery in both mainland UK and Northern Ireland.

Store your Glasdon Icemelt in traditional grit salt bins ready for immediate use in cold weather. Our range of sturdy, high quality grit bins are available in varying styles and capacities to best suit your requirements.

Our expert range of heavy duty snow shovels can be used to easily distribute Glasdon Icemelt over walkways and driveways for efficient manual gritting of snow and ice.

Have you got everything you need to ensure your sites are prepared for the winter months? View our extensive range of winter safety equipment or talk to one of our helpful advisors today.

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