Manual Salt Spreaders

For fast and effective gritting, choose from the Glasdon range of manually operated grit spreaders. These walk behind gritters are ideal for use with rock salt or ice melt and offer a low maintenance solution for coverage over wider areas.

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We understand the challenges of keeping commercial spaces safe during icy conditions. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of manually operated grit spreaders, designed to provide fast and effective gritting solutions for various environments.

Push-Along Gritters

These manually operated salt spreaders are perfect for fast and effective gritting where hand spreading isn't practical. Push along gritters are ideal for use with rock salt and icemelt and offer a low maintenance solution for coverage over carparks, footpaths, driveways and pavements as they require minimum effort and can spread wet or dry grit salt effectively.

Salt Spreaders vs Grit Spreaders

Salt spreaders are designed to distribute substances such as rock salt, and Ice melt across wide areas like paths, roads, and car parks to prevent ice and snow build-up. They are available as both walk-behind and towable salt spreader models, allowing you to quickly and evenly cover large areas with minimal effort. Gritters, or grit salt spreaders are another name for salt spreaders. While grit is more coarse than rock salt or ice melt, and is primarily used to provide grip for vehicles and pedestrians, the same machine is used to distribute rock salt, ice melt, sand or grit.

Which manual gritter is right for me?

Our salt spreaders are suitable for small and medium sized areas and spaces that are inaccessible to vehicles and have a generous capacity of at least 50 litres.
The Icemaster 50™ features an adjustable dosing mechanism which controls how much road salt is released. The speed and width of the scattering depends on the speed at which the spreader is pushed. While the Turbocast 300™ push along salt spreader is a multi-functional gritter offering controlled drop spreading along with broadcast spreading for widths ranging between 3 and 7 metres.
Turbocast 400™ has a lightweight and equally durable construction and detachable hopper for ease of maintenance, as well as 6 spread settings for optimal distribution of various materials. Check out our handy grit spreader guide for more buying tips.

As well as our impressive range of manual salt spreaders, we offer an extensive range of winter safety equipment from snow shovels to grit bins. In order to keep your rock salt spreader in perfect working order, we also offer a selection of grit spreader servicing packages, as well as accessories and spares designed specifically for use with Glasdon salt spreaders.

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