New Nexus® City 240 Food Waste Recycling Bin

Britain is recycling! Government statistics show the total amount of waste we generate falls every year, and the amount we recycle continues to rise.

There's much more we can do, though. Latest estimates from WRAP indicate that we throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink waste every year - that's the equivalent of two bags of sugar per household every day!

Almost half of all local authorities now offer some form of food waste collection service. In Scotland, new legislation from January 2014 requires all businesses generating 50kg a week of food waste to recycle it, and aggressive targets have been set.

The new Nexus City 240 Food Waste Recycling Bin from Glasdon UK has been specially designed to help businesses and local authorities to meet these targets. A durable, soft-close aperture flap keeps vermin out and odours in. The housing can be used with a 140L or 240L wheeled container and has a 5-point interlocking slam-shut door that provides strength and security.

When used with a 240L wheeled container, Nexus City 240 can accept up to 130kg of food waste before it needs to be emptied - equivalent to the average weekly output of 17 households.

Nexus City 240 co-ordinates with the Nexus 360 Recycling Housing to offer a complete recycling bank solution that's ideal for use as a bring site or at multi-occupancy developments.

To talk to us about the benefits of the Nexus City 240, or any of our range of indoor and outdoor recycling bins, call (01253) 600 410, email, or use the Live Chat facility on this website.

Thursday, November 21, 2013
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