Our Dynamic Earth Stays Green with Glasdon

Our Dynamic Earth is a science centre in Edinburgh. Located at the foot of Arthur's Seat, next to the Scottish Parliament, this leading attraction and conference venue is visited by more than half a million people a year. The centre focuses on earth sciences, and has a number of exhibits that explain the processes that have shaped the Earth, including the Big Bang, the origins of life, plate tectonics and glaciation.

When a Glasdon employee visited the centre with his family, he noticed a distinct lack of recycling facilities available. We got in touch with the centre's Facilities Manager, Laird Gilfillian, and he explained their situation: the centre was aware that waste management needed tackling, but as a charity they simply didn't have the budget to make the capital investment required.

Our representative made Mr. Gilfillian aware of Zero Waste Scotland, an agency of the Scottish Government and the Waste Resources Action Programme that helps individuals and organisations increase their recycling levels as part of a commitment to reducing waste sent to landfill in Scotland.

We introduced Mr. Gilfillian to Zero Waste Scotland, who helped the centre apply for funding to implement a recycling scheme. Our representative conducted a free, no obligation site survey to assess the centre's specific recycling needs, and once funding was secured, Our Dynamic Earth deployed Glasdon's Nexus 50 and 100 Indoor Recycling Bins and Streamline Jubilee Outdoor Recycling Bins.

Following the success of the initial recycling rollout, Our Dynamic Earth has added the new Nexus Shuttle Food Waste Recycling Bin for the hygienic disposal of food scraps in canteen areas.

Mr. Gilfillian said:

"Having worked with Glasdon in a previous role I was confident they would be the right company to upgrade and improve our waste collection. What I didn't realise was exactly how much of a help Glasdon's sales manager would be in securing funding through Zero Waste Scotland for a "Recycle on the Go" project.

"The Glasdon representative offered full support in selecting the products that were most suitable for our needs. The Nexus Recycling Bins fit the bill exactly, combining a high quality appearance with excellent functionality. The bins are easily identified by customers and unobtrusive enough not to be visibly overbearing.

"Glasdon suggested implementing food waste bins in our café area; this has been a massive improvement, altering our customers' perception of recycling and food waste.

"Our most recent waste management results have shown a 30% increase in stream waste recycling, while reducing our landfill waste by the same amount. We have targeted an overall recycling rate of 70%, with 20% used in energy-from-waste and a maximum of 5% sent to landfill."

To learn how we can help you achieve your goals, call us on (01253) 600 410 or email today.

Our Dynamic Earth Stays Green with Glasdon
Thursday, August 1, 2013
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