New Nexus® Shuttle Recycling Bin

The brand new Nexus Shuttle is the ultimate food waste collection bin.

Britain is recycling. The amount of local authority collected waste recycled overtook the amount sent to landfill in 2011/12 for the first time (source).

Food waste is increasingly under the microscope as regulators look to further reduce landfill levels. The Scottish Government's Zero Waste Scotland initiative aims to make regular food waste collections a reality by 2015, with a total ban on biodegradable waste at landfill by 2020. 15 million tonnes of food waste is sent to landfill in the UK every year.

Nexus Shuttle Recycling Bin is the perfect solution to food waste collection in busy commercial environments like kitchens, staff canteens or cafes. The bin is operated with a foot pedal for hygienic hands-free operation.

Nexus Shuttle is available in two configurations: solid liner or sack retention system. The solid liner is supplied with a lid that seals the top and keeps waste out of the way until the unit is emptied. The sack retention model uses biodegradable corn starch sacks and can be adjusted with a support shelf to offer 30-, 40- or 60-litre capacity options.

New Nexus® Shuttle Recycling Bin
Tuesday, January 15, 2013
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