Glasdon focus on Effective Property Management at Middlebrook Retail Park

Problem identified

Middlebrook Retail Park is situated in Horwich, Bolton. The site comprises of a large and developing shopping complex next to the New Reebok Stadium. Emerson Management Services Ltd are responsible for the maintenance of the grounds which includes 3 large car parks and a large area of pedestrian walkways, all requiring constant attention to public access and safety.

The company identified four main areas of concern

  • They required a security measure in place to reduce the risk of Ram-Raid attacks targeted at the retail outlets on Middlebrook.
  • They also identified the need for effective signage to direct cars and pedestrians across busy areas of car park.
  • There was a requirement for adequate litter disposal provision around the site, to cope with the large volumes of litter generated.
  • Also there was a need for attractive, functional and co-ordinated seating for siting around the public access area.
    Glasdon hooded Neopolitan Plaza Litter Bin in a retail park


    Glasdon UK Ltd were able to give expert advice to Emerson Management Services to fulfil their site requirements.

    Emerson agreed that the Guardsman Bollard, with its steel reinforcing tube, would deter Ram-Raid attacks on retail outlets based at Middlebrook. In addition, the Glasdon Ensign Bollard, complete with an integral double-sided sign face would be ideal for directing traffic and pedestrians through the car park area.

    For the pedestrian area itself, they chose the Glasdon hooded Neopolitan Plaza Litter Bin which they felt would make an attractive yet functional piece of street furniture, especially when ordered in blue to match the external decor of Middlebrook.

    Resulting benefits

    Attractive in design, the Guardsman Bollard provides the strength of a steel barrier without sacrificing the benefits of a stylish appearance. The reinforcing tube is concreted in with 745mm below ground, forming the main strength of the bollard. After viewing a video of the Glasdon Quality Control Team testing Guardsman’s performance, Emerson were very impressed and felt they would benefit from the additional security and protection in a way that wasboth functional and stylish.

    The Ensign Sign Carrying Bollard is able to carry a variety of signs and is more aesthetic than a conventional sign post.

    Cost saving benefits - In the event of an accidental collision, Ensign’s patented socket is designed to absorb the impact, leaving the surrounding area undamaged. The lightweight bollards can then be quickly and easily replaced by one person, by simply slotting a new bollard into the existing socket.

    Ensign is manufactured in corrosion-free and vandal resistant Durapol. No painting is necessary as Durapol material does not chip or splinter, therefore minimum maintenance is required.

    Neopolitan Plaza Litter Bins have been designed with a unique Keyless Locking System which provides a simpler, more efficient emptying process for operators. The hooded design keeps out rain and strong winds and the litter apertures are large enough to accommodate fast food containers. Emerson ordered their Neopolitan Plazas in blue to match the exterior decor of the Retail Park. They also requested that Glasdon personalise the litter bins with the Middlebrook Corporate Logo.

    Emerson Management Services are very pleased with their choice of co-ordinated Glasdon products, which have provided effective traffic and waste management facilities around Middlebrook Retail Park.

    Guardsman bollards in a retail park

    What the customer says

    Mr Peter Evans, Maintenance Manager for Emerson Management Services at Middlebrook Retail Park

    "After having seen the Guardsman product testing video, I felt extremely confident in the performance of the product. The other Glasdon products are proving to be very effective also. They not only look good whilst being highly functional, they are also very easy to maintain."

    Thursday, March 18, 1999
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