Glasdon Focus on A Comprehensive Waste Management Strategy for The Office of National Statistics with Interserve (Facilities Management) ltd.

Problem Identified

Nexus 50 recycling bins with multiple waste streams

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) operate from sites in Central London, Newport, Southport and Titchfield. In October 2000, ONS handed over the reins of their Facilities Management section to Interserve (Facilities Management) Ltd. Working in partnership with ONS, Interserve FM ensure that the working environment is safe, clean and secure. Interserve FM needed to provide an all embracing waste management strategy for ONS, which would meet the high standards and requirements of BS EN ISO 14001 (the international standard for environmental protection). Additionally there was no provision for the disposal of confidential waste at the Newport site, which needed to be addressed.

Nexus 140 recycling bin with reduced apertures


A specially trained Glasdon Representative visited and recommended a variety of waste management solutions to suit each individual site.

At the London - Family Records Centre and Newport sites it was decided that Nexus® 50 and Nexus 140 would best suit the requirements. Because of the open-plan style of these offices, individual recycling stations were required and Nexus 50 suited this type of recycling scheme perfectly, supported by Nexus 140 in larger communal areas. Nexus also has the facility to contain confidential waste within a key-locked waste container.

At the London - Drummond Gate site, Envoy™ and Midi™ recycling banks were purchased in a range of colours, each representing a different type of waste. The Envoy and Midi recycling banks were used to create central recycling points throughout the site.

Junior Ambassador™ and Senior Ambassador™ were chosen for the Titchfield and Southport sites. These stylish litter bins were adapted to suit the recycling needs of these sites by using personalisation to indicate the type of waste to be deposited in each container.

Midi recycling bin in an officeEnvoy litter bin in an office

Resulting benefits

Interserve FM was able to offer ONS a comprehensive waste management system through the use of Glasdon recycling banks. The added benefit of visual uniformity has also been achieved at each site, with the use of either clear graphics or colours to differentiate between each particular stream of waste.

  • Security for confidential waste
  • Clear identity of waste streams
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of emptying
  • What the customer says

    "Glasdon have provided an efficient and friendly service, coupled with an effective range of products, which has helped Interserve FM to meet its environmental contractual requirements to the Office of National Statistics." Elaine Preston, Facilities Manager, Interserve (Facilities Management) ltd.

    Personalised bins for The Office of National Statistics
    Wednesday, May 24, 2006
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