Guide to Coffee Cup Recycling

Manufacturers, retailers, waste management companies and recycling facilities are working together to keep disposable cups out of landfill and ensure coffee cup recycling is on the rise.

Cup Recycling Facts and Stats

Recent YouGov Plc figures revealed that 84% of hot drink buyers are still using disposable paper cups* and that 88% of the nation would use a purpose-built coffee cup bin if one was available to them.

We can help you implement an efficient cup recycling programme with dedicated and multi-purpose solutions, designed to help you increase recycling rates and save money on your waste collection too.

1. The Coffee Cup Recycling Audit

If you have facilities where disposable cups are used or where employees bring them into the workplace, you may have already identified the potential for a cup recycling programme.

A waste audit focused on the volume of disposable cups passing through the organisation will help to identify the type of solution required by indicating;

  • the capacity of the container and number of containers needed,
  • where the containers should be positioned for optimum usage; and
  • the collection requirements.

Need help with your audit? We offer free, no obligation advice and assistance, whereby a member of our team is available to visit you on site to help assess your requirements. Please request your free waste management audit here: uk.glasdon.com/waste-management-audit

2. Finding the Right Solution

Nexus 100 Cup Recycling Station - Tip, Flip and Stack

The most effective way to recycle used disposable paper cups is to ensure they are emptied and disposed of into a separate container away from other waste.

Industry leaders recommend solutions which can incorporate a ‘tip, flip, stack’ method of disposal, whereby any remaining liquid or other contaminant can be tipped away or removed into a separate container, the cup can be flipped over and stacked neatly upside down to aid further drying.

Centrum Cup Stacker

Look for solutions that are specifically designed for the appropriate application or location:

Will you require:

  • Dedicated cup recycling bins and stations to take a higher volume of cups?
  • Or a space-saving multi-purpose recycling solution that will take cups and more?

And if you are not sure or can’t find what you need, we can tailor solutions to your requirements. Talk to us today.

3. Liaising with Waste Contractors

UK waste contractors are making provisions for paper cup recycling and where used cups are disposed of and collected separately away from general waste, recycling rates can be greatly improved.

Ask your waste contractor about the most efficient way you can collect cups to minimise contamination and preserve the quality of the material for reprocessing.

And by reducing the amount of waste you send to landfill, could disposal costs also be reduced? Ask them today.

4. Making it Happen

  • Positioning: the audit will help you identify where your cup recycling containers should be located to maximise usage.
  • Emptying: the frequency of emptying will depend on the volume of cups you expect to collect. It may take a short period of time at the start to assess and adjust routines to the best times of emptying for your organisation.
  • Inform and Educate: think about how you will ensure employees, customers and visitors know about your cup recycling facilities and how to dispose of their cup correctly. Clear signage supported by other communications will help boost awareness of your programme.
Optional Sign Kits for Glasdon Cup Recycling Stations

With Glasdon disposable cup bins and recycling stations you also have the option to add standard signage and graphics to the containers or to design your own with corporate branding or messaging through our Personalisation Service.

Browse the full range of Cup Recycling Bins, Stations and Stackers here.
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*YouGov Plc, on behalf of Veolia UK and Ireland (June 2017)
Allegra Strategies – Project Café 2016
Paper Cup Recovery & Recycling Group
Wednesday, February 14, 2018

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