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In the pursuit of a sustainable future, education plays a crucial role. Equipping young individuals with knowledge about environmental responsibility, especially in terms of recycling, lays the groundwork for a generation that prioritises protecting our planet. An effective way to achieve this goal is through product personalisation.

School Recycling Lead

This article explores the significance of recycling in educational institutions and how it equips students to build a more sustainable future. Additionally, we will examine the positive impact of using Glasdon's personalisation service and dedicated recycling bins to promote proper recycling practices.

How Much Waste do Schools Produce?

Books in the shape of a question mark

The volume of waste generated by a school can vary significantly, influenced by factors such as the school's size, student population, and current waste management systems.

Let's look at some key figures to break things down. In the UK..

  • Primary schools generate around 45kg of waste per pupil, per academic year.
  • Secondary schools produce about 22kg of waste per pupil each academic year.
  • More than 70% of this waste is food, paper and card. Of this, 80% is recyclable but only 20% actually gets recycled.*

The Importance of Recycling in Education

Given the vast amount of recyclable waste that remains unrecycled and the substantial CO2 emissions from schools, it is clear that there needs to be a shift towards change. Such a change has the potential to yield significant benefits for schools, students, parents, and the entire UK education system.

Early Lessons Last a Lifetime

Introducing recycling at an early age instils lifelong habits. By teaching children about recycling from the get-go, we provide them with the skills to make environmentally conscious choices throughout their lives. Furthermore, it fosters a sense of stewardship for the environment, which, in turn, teaches them about the importance of responsibility.

Promoting a Circular Economy

It is crucial to recognise the importance of maintaining the circulation of products and materials. By recycling, we divert materials from landfills, leading to reduced energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions associated with manufacturing new goods. One particular set of rules that apply to recycling and that many children will find simple to follow are The Three R’s of Waste Management.

Meeting Sustainability Goals

Many schools and educational institutions have adopted sustainability as a fundamental value. Implementing recycling programs in schools enables them to align with broader sustainability goals and demonstrate a commitment to environmentally responsible practices. These credentials will reflect well on the school's reputation, potentially attracting more families to enrol their children.

Sustainability Illustration

Adding a Personal Touch to Recycling

So, how can schools successfully implement a recycling program that provides all these benefits and more? A key factor in motivating young students to recycle is to make the process more vibrant, interactive, easy, and enjoyable.

Alongside our School Recycling Bins and Novelty Bins, which have received widespread recognition for their effectiveness in schools across the globe, Glasdon offers the flexible and rewarding choice of Product Personalisation.

Over the years, we have helped many schools develop customised recycling programmes tailored to their specific needs. Most recently, we were approached by a school that shared hand-drawn designs from their students to personalise their Eco Nexus 85's.

Eco Nexus 85 Personalised

We believe you'll agree that this is a great example of how to use our product personalisation service. Utilising student artwork helps to foster active engagement and interest among peers in working towards their school's recycling objectives.

Becoming a BINfluencer!

Encouraging competition among students is a highly effective strategy for promoting recycling. Creating the possibility of winning encourages healthy competition and incentivises developing innovative ways to benefit oneself, friends, and the school.

Why not host a competition at your school? Task your students to design unique artwork for the bins that your school needs and the winning entry will be displayed.

Encourage creativity and challenge your students to convey a message of sustainability that will make recycling enjoyable for everyone. This can be a slogan, theme, or an imaginary character that represents the school!

Below are visual examples of the various possibilities available through our personalisation service. The only prerequisite? Your students' imagination!

personalised school bins designed by children

So, what exactly does our personalisation service offer? Here are some of the available options to tailor your chosen product to your preferences.

Waste Stream Graphics

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Waste Stream Graphics

Implement your school's colour scheme, exclusive fonts, and appropriate visuals to design and create unique graphics that identify specific types of waste. By incorporating visual aids, ensure that your students understand the concept of proper waste disposal.

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Add your school’s logo to build a sense of ownership and commitment to your waste management programme.

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Colour Schemes

In addition to our extensive selection of standard colours, we also offer the option to choose from a diverse range of non-standard colours for many of our products. This is an excellent solution for aligning with the school's identity or a waste management theme.

Full Body Personalisation

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Full Body Graphics & Wraparounds

Enhance the overall look of your recycling bin with a full-body vinyl wrap, providing a powerful transformation. This eye-catching method is sure to attract attention and encourage further use.

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Polycarbonate Plaques, Poster Frame Kits & Sign Kits

Polycarbonate plaques, poster frame kits, and rear fixed sign kits all offer the chance to enhance the visibility of your waste management program or promote a school initiative.

Choosing the Right Canvas

Here, we have compiled a list of popular indoor and outdoor waste solutions that would serve as a perfect canvas for your BINfluencer competition.

Encourage Indoor Recycling With...

Nexus™ Stack

Nexus Stack

Glasdon's stackable bins offer the greatest convenience among our products. Specifically, the Nexus Stack is ideal for school settings because it can be easily repositioned to accommodate various activities and tasks. Most notably, these bins effectively promote waste segregation through their colour-coded apertures, making the segregation process visually straightforward.

Nexus™ 30

The Nexus 30 is also worth considering as an indoor recycling option. Specifically designed for space optimisation, its slim and compact profile allows it to be placed under desks and in tight areas.

Nexus Evolution Recycling Station

Nexus™ Evolution

Nexus Evolution recycling stations offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing customers to tailor the stations to meet the specific requirements of any recycling scheme.

Nexus™ 50

The Nexus 50 recycling range is perfect for placement at the end of desks or side by side to create a recycling centre that occupies minimal space.

Encourage Outdoor Recycling With...

Topsy 2000™

Topsy 2000 Litter Bin

The Topsy 2000 combines functionality and style perfectly. This popular bin features a spacious, smooth exterior and a sleek cylindrical design. With a wide selection of nine standard colours to choose from, it offers a highly versatile personalisation option.

Super Guppy™

The Super Guppy is another practical outdoor option, designed to withstand heavy use and provide functionality. Its ample size makes it particularly suitable for high-traffic areas like playgrounds and sports fields.

We are eager to witness the designs your BINfluencers create and assist in bringing them to life as you develop your waste management program at your institution.

And let's not forget that sustainable education goes beyond simply teaching students about recycling. It equips individuals with the critical skills and knowledge necessary to make thoughtful decisions about their personal lives and their impact on society and the environment.

For more information on our range of sustainable products that can help you create a more eco-friendly school, please Contact us or speak to one of our friendly advisors via LiveChat.



Wednesday, January 3, 2024

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