Specifying Chevrons

Chevron signs are used at sharp bends in major roads and roundabouts - sites where vehicles have a higher than average chance of leaving the carriageway.

Traditional chevron signs are made of strong steel with uprights set permanently in concrete. The Chevroflex Ultra™ Flexible Sign System from Glasdon UK Ltd is certified passively safe to Performance Standard NE3/100 - it will return to its original shape after a vehicle collision, causing minimal damage to the vehicle and reducing the risk of serious injury to its occupants.

Chevroflex Ultra has much lower lifetime costs than steel alternatives. The below-ground socket system means individual blades can be replaced in a few minutes rather than digging up and replacing the whole sign, which may require traffic control. Chevroflex Ultra also has almost no scrap value, making it extremely unlikely to be stolen.

Chevroflex Ultra is available with chevrons in heights of 400mm, 600mm or 800mm. Larger chevrons increase visibility for drivers - the Traffic Signs Manual recommends 400mm chevrons where the average speed approaching the bend does not exceed 50mph, while 800mm chevrons should be used where speeds exceed 60mph.

The Department for Transport recommends a minimum of two chevrons per sign where possible. Chevroflex Ultra uses a modular system of flexible uprights that allows for nearly unlimited configurations.

Chevroflex Ultra is available with an optional high-visibility surround. The use of a yellow or yellow-green border (made from Avery Dennison Diamond Grade fluorescent material) makes sure drivers can see the chevrons in plenty of time, and improve conspicuity against dark or complex backgrounds.

When Chevroflex Ultra is used on a roundabout, a Diagram 606 sign face is required. We can supply Chevroflex with a 600mm 606 for use with 400mm chevron roundabout units, a choice of 750mm or 900mm 606 signs for 600mm roundabout units, or a choice of 900mm or 1200mm for use on 800mm roundabout units.

Diagram 606 sign faces must be illuminated. Standard pole-mounted downlighters used with metal chevrons are fairly effective but aren't passively safe. We developed Sublite Lumino™ LED Uplighter the solve this problem. Sublite Lumino is buried in front of the Chevroflex Ultra unit and uses LEDs to light the 606 sign brighter and more evenly than traditional downlighters - and uses just 12 watts, cutting your energy bills.

We've been supplying Chevroflex units to local authorities and highways engineers for more than 25 years. If you'd like to speak to a Glasdon expert, call us on (01253) 600 411 or email highways@glasdon-uk.co.uk today.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

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