Glasdon Expand Chevron Range

Introducing the new Apex™ Chevron Sign, for marking bends where verge space is limited, and Orbital™ Chevron Sign, the innovative all-in-one Chevron with integral energy efficient illuminated 606 arrow for roundabouts.

Orbital and Apex Side by Side

The new Apex Chevron Sign, and Orbital Chevron Sign both offer advancements in design and technology to the benefit of all road users and highways authorities.

Manufactured from Durapol® material the Apex Chevron Sign, with fixed 600mm chevron board, would be installed as one complete unit to highlight the verge hazard and sharp change in direction; or to replace traditional metal posts and boards which can in themselves cause injury or damage on impact and require regular replacement.

Alternatively, to improve the visibility of low-approach-speed roundabouts on highways with speeds less than 50mph, the new Orbital Chevron Sign with 400mm chevron sign board and illuminated integral 606 sign face offers a unique all-in-one solution that’s ready to install. Also manufactured from Durapol material, the Orbital Chevron Sign features additional dedicated space for advertising or messaging.

Both models offer a choice of base installations which includes a LockFast™ Socket option for easy install, removal and replacement. The LockFast Socket works to eliminate costly reinstatements following the possibility of any impact damage.

Apex Chevron Installation OptionsOrbital Chevron Installation Options

John Cookson, Customer Support Manager for the Glasdon Highways Team said:

"It’s in our DNA to seek out opportunities where we can provide safer solutions and alternatives through design and engineering and utilising higher performance materials. The Apex and Orbital Chevron units are great examples of advancements in all areas which we hope will provide our customers with more scope and flexibility."

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Apex™ Chevron Sign - Ideal for Marking Bends Where Space Is Limited

Key Features and Benefits

  • Non-twist signage supports maintain the sign face alignment.

  • The fixed sign eliminates the chance of the sign slipping down the post to reduce maintenance costs.
  • Apex Chevron on tight bend
  • The imposing size of the chevron sign increases its visibility and more than one chevron sign can be placed at varying points around a bend to create a 'wall' feature.

  • Modular system allows the chevron sign to be sited in different ways to suit the geometry of a bend.

  • The single installation point allows for quick installation, improving safety for roadside workers and also minimising traffic disruption.

  • The central stem body helps to prevent the growth of grass or shrubs to ensure the sign is not obscured.

  • 500mm installation depth allows for a secure and strong installation.

Orbital™ Chevron Sign – Ideal for Highlighting Roundabouts

Key Features and Benefits

  • 1W LED power consumption reduces energy consumption and carbon footprint.

  • Orbital Chevron with Illuminated 606 Sign Face
  • Illuminated 606 Sign Face - meets TSRGD requirements of illuminating Ref 606 ‘Turn Left’ sign face with low energy costs.

  • Water ingress protected, weather resistant, and low maintenance.

  • Ready to install into concrete with the choice of two fixing options - Below Ground Stem or LockFast Socket. The LockFast Socket offers quick and easy replacement following damage, eliminating costly reinstatement of future Chevrons.

  • Orbital Chevron Installation Options
  • IP67 rated Subsafe™ underground box and lid provides safe voltage to protect vehicle occupants and emergency services in the event of an accident with the 230V main supply stepped down within the main control circuit and 24V operation above ground.

  • Easy to access connection ports makes it easy to connect and disconnect the unit if replacement required.

  • CMS compatible with moulded-in mounting, making it suitable for use with multiple models of remote monitoring equipment.

  • Space for additional signage. Lower bar offers opportunity for advertising, sponsorships, or even another guidance sign.

For more information about the new Apex Chevron Sign or the new Orbital Chevron Sign please talk to the Glasdon Highways Team today.

Thursday, June 30, 2022

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