New Turbocast 800™ Gritter

Keep your site or streets safe this winter with the new Turbocast 800 Gritter from Glasdon.

Turbocast 800 offers all the features of the best-selling Turbocast 1000™ Gritter in a slightly smaller unit, allowing for the controlled, consistent coverage of a Glasdon grit spreader to even more customers. Its smaller size means Turbocast 800 can be towed by an even wider variety of vehicles, including quad bikes and fork lift trucks.

All Glasdon Turbocast broadcast grit spreaders feature speed and spread rate controls that achieve variable spreading widths up to 10 metres (Turbocast 1000). Thanks to the agitation mechanism in the hopper, Turbocast gritters can spread wet or dry grit/salt with ease.

Rock salt and water can be an extremely corrosive mix. Many gritters on the market feature steel hoppers that (even with protective treatments) will scratch and then rust. Glasdon Turbocast grit spreaders feature hoppers made from Durapol® Material, which are self coloured, will not chip, rust or rot, is easy to clean and never needs painting.

Start your journey to a safer winter with Glasdon by calling 01253 600410, emailing or using the Live Chat feature on this website.

New Turbocast 800™ Gritter
Thursday, October 09, 2014

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