Guide to Salt Spreaders

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There are 3 things you should consider when choosing your grit spreader:

1 Business Needs: Identify your gritting needs.
The nature, location and size of your business will help determine the type of grit salt spreader you will require. Manual salt spreaders are ideal for pedestrian footpaths, pavements and areas which can be easily reached on foot or where vehicles are prohibited such as town centre shopping areas, health centres and local government offices. However if you are required to grit larger areas, a towable gritter may be the better choice.

2 Distance: The distance between each area that you need to cover.
Consider where the spreading sites are located. If there are distances between each site that you need to cover e.g. car parks and coverage is required quickly you may require a towable broadcast spreader such as the Turbocast 800 which can cover wide expanses quickly.

3 Resources: The resources available to undertake the task e.g. people, any vehicles required.
You should also consider how many personnel you will have available to undertake the spreading and whether or not a vehicle is available.

Glasdon UK offer a wide range of winter safety equipment. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly sales team via the live chat feature at the bottom of this page or by calling us on 01253 600410.

Read on for more information about the types of Glasdon salt spreader available for your business.

Type of Operation

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Manual Salt Spreaders

Ideal for carparks, footpaths, drive-ways and pavements, Glasdon salt spreaders require minimum effort and can spread wet or dry grit salt effectively.
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Manual Salt Spreaders make gritting small to medium sized areas a lot easier, safer and more efficient compared to spreading grit manually with a shovel. To use our manually operated spreaders you simply push them from behind as you would a trolley. Our specific design features guarantee performance and ease of use. You can read about these in our brochure.

Towable Gritters

Glasdon towable salt spreaders are perfect for coverage over large areas. Ideal for local authorities, large industrial sites, hospitals and universities.

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Towable gritters are perfect for larger areas such as roads and car parks, where gritting manually is inefficient and in some cases too dangerous. Our towable gritters can be attached to a variety of vehicles such as cars, trucks, quad bikes and even forklift trucks. They are able to operate at speeds of up to 20mph and come with an adjustable speed mechanism so your spread is always consistent and accurate. Examples of our Towable Gritters are Turbocast 800 & Turbocast 1000.

Method of Spreading

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Useful things to consider when thinking about method:

  • What size area are you covering?
  • The amount of ground cover you want

Our manual gritters are split between the 2 methods where as our towable gritters feature multi-functionality and offer both.

Broadcast Spreading

This method spreads grit salt over a wide area, in a thin and consistent layer. Broadcast spreading is great for covering large areas quickly. Our broadcast spreading mechanisms work by feeding the grit salt from the hopper onto a disc. When the spreader moves, the disc rotates and spreads the grit. You can control the flow of grit to the disc through a setting on the machine. The area you cover is controlled by the speed at which you move at.

Drop Spreading

Drop spreading provides you with an accurate and consistent flow of grit salt at a defined width. This method is great for covering more specific areas with a larger volume of grit. Our manual drop spreading mechanism scoops grit from the hopper and dispenses it onto the ground.

For further information please contact our friendly sales team via the live chat feature at the bottom of this page or by calling us on 01253 600410.

Monday, September 18, 2017
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