Why Choose Glasdon As Your Winter Safety Supplier?

Dependable equipment is vital for safeguarding against harsh winter weather. Opting for Glasdon as your supplier means putting quality, innovation, and reliability at the forefront of your decision.

Winter Safety Lead

At Glasdon, we understand the importance of reliable Winter Safety Equipment. Our extensive collection is designed to cater to a diverse range of needs, whether it be for commercial properties, industrial sites, or public spaces.

We offer a wide range of winter safety solutions, from manual and towable spreading equipment to lockable grit bins and convenient add-ons for ice protection. All of our products are specifically designed to withstand harsh winter conditions and efficiently handle snow and ice. You can trust us to meet all your winter safety requirements.

Quality Craftsmanship

We pride ourselves on our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship. Every item in our winter safety equipment range is carefully constructed to endure the test of time and offer long-lasting durability when it matters the most.

Through the use of our specially crafted Durapol® material and Armortec® steel coating, our winter safety equipment offers unparalleled strength and protection against corrosion and collision. This not only reduces the need for frequent maintenance but also greatly extends the product's lifespan with repeated usage.

  • Durapol® material is a polymer formulated to withstand extremes of temperature and is impact-tested in our Quality Assurance Laboratory as part of our BS EN ISO 9001:2015 test procedure. Durapol will not chip or rust, is easy to clean and never needs painting.

  • Armortec® corrosion resistant coating is specially formulated to extend the life of Glasdon metal products and components used externally.

  • All Glasdon products manufactured from Durapol can be recycled at the end of their service life

Innovative Manual and Towable Grit/Salt Spreaders

Glasdon's grit/salt spreaders are engineered with innovation in mind. These essential tools are user-friendly and allow for precise control over the spreading process. The adjustable settings ensure efficient distribution of grit or salt, enabling you to manage the application according to your specific requirements.

Turbocast 400 Side Image

For gritting entrance areas, pavements and footpaths, a Manual Spreader would be ideal, able to distribute materials via both broadcast and drop spreading. For larger areas or increased mobility, we offer Towable Gritters to attach to a car, truck or even quad bike.

Recently, we released the Turbocast 400™ - a high-performance, low-maintenance, user-friendly manual spreader that demonstrates high performance with every turn. Read more to find out how you can Race Ahead with Winter Safety using this spreader.

Icemaster 50™ Salt Spreader

Turbocast 400™ Salt Spreader

Turbocast 800™ Towable Salt Spreader

Turbocast 1000™ Towable Salt Spreader

Icemast 50 Spreader Turbocast 400 Spreader Turbocast 800 Towable Spreader Turbocast 1000 Towable spreader

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Secure Lockable Grit Bins

Glasdon's range of Grit Bins are designed to protect grit or salt from theft or unauthorised access, ensuring that your supplies are available when needed. The lockable grit bins are available in various sizes and styles to accommodate the specific demands of your location.

Site these bins at entrance areas. Public footpaths and car parks for ease of access and spreading.

Nestor™ 90 Grit Bin

Nestor™ 400 Grit Bin

Slimline™ Grit Bin

Orbistor™ Grit Bin

Nestor™ 90 Grit Bin
Nestor™ 400 Grit Bin Slimline™ Grit Bin Orbistor™ Grit Bin

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Accessories and Spares

Our collection of accessories complements Glasdon winter safety equipment perfectly. These include various replacement belts and blades for our spreaders, as well as snow shovels, ice grips, and Glasdon Icemelt™.

Icemelt offers a superior and eco-friendly alternative to rock salt, with a special formula that penetrates ice quicker and spreads more efficiently.

Snow Shovels

Glasdon Ice Grips™


Accessories & Spares

Digga™ Snow Shovel Glasdon Ice Grips™ Glasdon Icemelt 15 Tooth Sprocket

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Personalisation & Branding

Our Personalisation & Branding service is exclusively offered for grit bins. Add a distinct touch to your Glasdon order by customising your grit bins with your name, logo, or message. This not only makes them easily identifiable but also showcases your commitment to winter safety. Our in-house experts are here to assist you in creating the desired impact.

Personalised Grit Bins

What Else Do We Offer?

Glasdon Winter Safety Gaurentee

If you require more information on any of the topics covered or would like to discuss how our winter safety equipment can benefit you, please Contact Us and talk to our team of dedicated specialists today.

Tuesday, December 12, 2023
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