How Do I Choose a Cigarette Bin?

Investing in the correct disposal of cigarette butt litter can be beneficial for your business, economy, appearance and the environment... to name just a few positives! There’s so much choice when it comes to cigarette bins that it can be hard knowing which cigarette bin is best for your site.

To help you make the right decision, we’ve answered all of your questions about choosing a cigarette bin.

Cigarette bin product size comparison

Cigarette bin product size comparison key

  • FAQ: What size cigarette bin do I need?

Ranging from 3 litres to 35 litre capacities, we are confident that you can find a Glasdon cigarette bin to meet your needs. The required size of your cigarette butt container can be determined by various factors including:

  • how busy the environment is
  • how frequently the unit will be emptied
  • how often the ashtray terminal will be used

Choose a cigarette receptacle FAQ

Busy outdoor spaces like town centres, sports stadiums and shopping centres will need a larger capacity cigarette bin than small office buildings or residential buildings.

For a busy outdoor space, we recommend the Ashguard SG™ Free Standing Cigarette Bin. The Ashguard SG holds over 3,500 cigarette butts!

If you are looking for a smaller unit for quieter sites such as outside local shops or office buildings, the Ashmount SG™ is an ideal choice. This wall mounted ashtray provides a suitable smoking solution without taking up valuable floor space.

The Integro City™ also features a litter compartment for general waste, as noted by the trash bin combo symbol image symbol in the above key. This is great for collecting both cigarette litter and general waste in one single, space-saving container.

  • FAQ: Should I choose a wall-mounted or free-standing ashtray bin?

The Glasdon range of cigarette disposal containers includes ashtrays that can be wall mounted as well as floor standing bins. Having a choice between wall mounted or free-standing ashtrays provides flexible siting options to meet your needs.

A wall mounted cigarette bin takes up very little space so it is perfect for small areas. Our wall-mounted cigarette units can be fixed to a wall or existing post making them suitable for space-restricted areas or building entranceways.

Free-standing smoking bins are best suited for busy environments. These can be placed in centralised locations to improve convenience for smokers and encourage them to correctly dispose of used cigarettes. Their floor standing design makes them clearly visible to further encourage users to responsibly dispose of cigarette litter.

  • FAQ: What material and finish is best for my site?

Choose a cigarette receptacle FAQ

The style of your cigarette butt container is just as important as functionality. An aesthetically-pleasing cigarette bin will encourage smokers to use it. We supply cigarette bins constructed in robust Durapol® polymer or long-lasting steel to offer both style and functionality.

A metal ashtray provides various benefits including robustness and long-service life. Ashguard is available in stainless steel or Armortec® coated steel. Metal ashtrays provide exceptional weather and vandal resistance as well as an enhanced quality appearance.

Our Ashmount SG® and Ashguard SG ashtrays are manufactured from Durapol, a durable polymer that requires minimal maintenance, will not corrode and does not need surface maintenance.

  • FAQ: How much maintenance is required?

Glasdon cigarette bins are low maintenance products. Thanks to their durable construction and vigorous product testing, Glasdon cigarette disposal containers offer a long-service life and require minimal maintenance.

We still recommend planning frequent maintenance inspections to ensure the products are in safe, useable condition at all times.

  • FAQ: I’m worried about fire risks...what can I do?

All of our smoking control products are designed and vigorously tested to reduce the risk of fire propagation. Glasdon cigarette bins feature small grille openings to prevent the deposit of any waste streams other than cigarette butt litter.

The Ashmount SG and Ashguard SG are both fitted with SmokeGuard™ technology, indicated by the Smokeguard symbol image symbol in the above key. SmokeGuard is a unique smoke-dampening device located underneath the stubbing grille and within the liner. SmokeGuard minimises the amount of smoke released to reduce the chance of a fire propagating inside the cigarette bin in the unlikely event of a fire.

Frequent emptying of cigarette bins will also minimise the risk of fire as it ensures the bin is not overfilled. This is one of the reasons why it is important to choose the right-size cigarette bin for your site.

If you are still worried about fire risks, we recommend creating a designated smoking area and placing instructional signage near to outdoor ashtrays to remind smokers of correct usage and behaviour.

  • FAQ: How do I create a designated smoking area?

Create a designated smoking area

We supply a range of smoking shelters and canopies which can be paired with our cigarette bins to create a safe, designated smoking area.

This allows you to provide employees, customers and visitors with a place to smoke where you can also monitor the safety and cleanliness of the area to reduce fire risks and ensure health and safety remains a top priority.

The Glasdon range of smoking shelters includes wall mounted and back-to-back post mounted canopies, so you can choose the style that best suits your organisation.

  • FAQ: Can I personalise my cigarette bin?

Many of our cigarette disposal containers can be personalised, as indicated by the personalisation symbol image symbol in the guide above.

This means you can add a unique touch to your organisation’s cigarette bins by adding a company logo, branding or message.

We hope we helped answer all of your Cigarette bin related questions. If you require any additional support or advice, please contact one of our friendly advisors today or speak to us on LiveChat!

Monday, November 26, 2018
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