Seating and Smoking Control at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Opened in 2009, the Yorkshire Wildlife Park occupies 70 acres of land just outside Doncaster and is home to hundreds of animals, including lions, wallabies, giraffes and critically endangered creatures like the Siberian tiger and Amur leopard.

The Park contacted Glasdon in April looking for smart new outdoor seating or benches for the Safari Village in the heart of the complex. They had also identified a need for cigarette bins to discreetly deal with the problem of smoking related litter.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park chose the Venturo™ Seat from Glasdon. Venturo's mild steel frame and aluminium seat pan and back rest are treated with an Armortec® Coating for superb resistance to knocks, scratches and the worst the weather can throw at it. These stylish outdoor seats are available with a range of colour combinations and have the option of additional armrests to create three individual seats.

To complement their new seating, Yorkshire Wildlife Park also purchased the Ashguard SG™ Cigarette Bin. A freestanding cigarette disposal unit with two stainless steel stubbing grilles, Ashguard SG has an enormous 10-litre zinc-coated steel liner able to contain up to 3,500 cigarette butts before it needs emptying.

Ashguard SG features the patented SmokeGuard® Smoke Dampening Device. Unique to Glasdon, SmokeGuard ensures that any stray smoke from smouldering cigarette butts stays inside the Ashguard SG's liner - smoke leaking out of cigarette bins discourages their use.

If you'd like to talk to us about any of our range of attractive outdoor seats or park benches, or if you need a stylish solution to the problem of cigarette-related litter, call us today on (01253) 600 410, email, or use the Live Chat feature on this website.

Seating and Smoking Control at Yorkshire Wildlife Park
Tuesday, June 24, 2014
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