New Rebound Signmaster™ Ultra - the Bollard Ahead

Glasdon UK, a leading manufacturer of bollards and highway safety products, have launched a new addition to their Rebound Signmaster™ range of passively safe, self-righting bollards.

The Rebound Signmaster Ultra Retroreflective Bollard has been designed to offer the latest in high-grade reflectivity for non-illuminated schemes.

Signmaster Ultra in white with reflectors to front, side and reverse.

Compliant to BS 8442:2022 and crash tested to 100kph, the unique body-to-base fixing design* of the Rebound Signmaster Ultra Bollard connects a rigid Durapol® material bollard body to a flexible Impactapol® material base. This optimises the rebound performance while eliminating the need for internal mechanical parts.

The Rebound Signmaster Ultra Traffic Bollard

High-grade reflectivity is achieved with the application of 3M retroreflective patches to the robust material and recessed areas of the bollard body. This together provides a high level of protection to the retroreflective patches and sign face, to resist cracking or damage to the patches.

Rebound Signmaster Ultra joins the Glasdon range of illuminated and non-illuminated self-righting keep-left bollards. The road safety experts at Glasdon have been designing and manufacturing bollards for over 40 years with a clear focus on safety and quality.

John Cookson, Customer Support Manager for the Glasdon Highways Team said:

“The unique design of the Rebound Signmaster Ultra has allowed us to remove issues with internal rebound mechanisms by eliminating them altogether.

“Focusing on the properties inherent within the materials of the bollard and the base has delivered a solution with optimum retroreflective and anti-twist rebound performance, which requires minimal on-going maintenance.”

The new Rebound Signmaster Ultra Bollard is a cost-effective, single aspect solution available in black and white for non-illuminated and de-illuminated schemes.

Unique body-to-base fixings secure the separate base and bollard, which slot together for easy install and bollard replacement. While the base of the bollard has an identical footprint to the Rebound Signmaster™ Bollard to allow ease of upgrade. Adaptor plates are also available to fit most redundant light boxes or alternative manufacturer fixings, offering universal compatibility.

Glasdon Signmaster self-righting bollards offer compliance with BS 8442:2022 and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards of performance and vandal resistance. The Rebound Signmaster Ultra’s drive-through performance is proven to BS EN 12767:2007 – 100, NE4 in crash testing at MIRA.

Rebound Signmaster Ultra bollard is supplied with body and base, 3M retroreflective patches to front and sides, sign face and choice of ground fixings.

Talk to us today about your scheme’s requirements or alternatively view the full Rebound Signmaster Bollard Range.

*Patent pending.

Rebound Signmaster Ultra Bollard provides high visibility in both the daytime and nightime.

Thursday, June 21, 2018
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