High Performance Materials

Glasdon highways safety products are made from a range of high performance materials and undergo stringent checks to ensure durability and best value. Glasdon has ISO 9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 accreditation, underlining our commitment to quality.

Iron-based products - such as steel or cast iron bollards - react with the air to form iron oxides: rust. Wet environments accelerate the process, and salt water is even more corrosive. Coatings and treatments can keep rust at bay and prolong a metal bollard's life, but these can be damaged by dings and scratches, exposing the bare metal to the elements.

Glasdon highways safety products only use self-coloured materials that will never chip or rust. Our products never need painting and can be easily wiped clean if necessary.

Our range of products makes use of the following materials, referred to throughout this website:

Durapol® Polymer is a strong, lightweight material used in many of our standard rigid bollards. Some products (such as our revolutionary LockFast™ Socket System) make use of 100% recycled material, and all Durapol products can be fully recycled at the end of their long service life.

Everwood™ Material is a polymer with a realistic timber grain effect. Used for the Glenwood™ Post, Everwood offers the attractive appearance of wooden posts without the weather damage associated with natural timber.

Passively Safe Materials

Road safety initiatives can be divided into two broad categories: Active Safety and Passive Safety. Active Safety schemes are intended to prevent accidents occurring, or reduce their number. Passive Safety aims to reduce the harm caused by unavoidable accidents.

All Glasdon highways products contribute to the active safety of a traffic scheme, but a growing section of our range also offers passive safety functions.

Through a variety of flexible materials, passively safe Glasdon products are designed to "give way" when struck by a vehicle rather than absorb the energy of the collision. After the impact, the product will return to its original shape and continue to perform its intended function.

Impactapol® Polymer is used in our Rebound bollards and the Hazardmaster™ Marker Post. Impactapol bollards are ideal for high-risk locations and blend in with standard Durapol models of the same design.

Impactaflex™ Material has been specially developed for Chevroflex Ultra™ Sign System. It offers superb rigidity and resilience while still exceeding European passive safety performance standards.

Reflexapol® Material is used in the Vergemaster RX™ Marker Post. Reflexapol extends passive safety certification to the market-leading Vergemaster marker post, which has been a common sight on roads worldwide since the 1960s.

Ultraflex™ Material is formulated to withstand harsh environments and offers good recovery performance after a vehicle impact. Ultraflex is used in the Flexmaster® Marker Post.

Recycled Materials

As part of our commitment to improving and protecting the environment, a number of Glasdon products make use of recycled materials. Where possible - such as in our innovative LockFast™ Socket System for the Advanced Neopolitan™ 150 and Glasdon Manchester Bollards - we use recycled Durapol® Material in our highways safety products.

Enviropol® Material is manufactured predominantly from post-consumer plastics. We balance a variety of uncontaminated waste polymers to produce a remarkably versatile material with many applications.

Buffer™ Bollard is made from 100% recycled rubber sourced from used tyres and pressure moulded to create a strong, hard-wearing, weatherproof material with impact-absorbing properties.

To discuss your road safety needs, call our dedicated highways sales team on (01253) 600 411, or email highways@glasdon-uk.co.uk .

Wednesday, April 10, 2013
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