Preparing for Warmer Weather with Eco-Conscious Outdoor Favourites

With the warmer weather of spring and summer approaching, many of us are thinking about the outdoors. But whether it’s installing a new picnic bench for staff to enjoy the sunshine while on lunch, a cycle shelter to accommodate the influx of cyclists or public seating benches for customers, there are several considerations to make, including the environmental impact of the product and the maintenance requirements.

People sitting on a grass verge in the sunshine

It can be difficult to establish the best sustainability initiatives to suit your organisation, and Glasdon recognises that the recyclability, environmental impact and ongoing maintenance needs of a product is often a determining factor when making decisions.

We’re passionate about supplying stylish and contemporary products that help organisations extend their sustainability, which is why, where possible, we innovate, design, and manufacture products to contain recycled or environmentally conscious materials, to be 100% recyclable at the end of their service life and to require minimal upkeep.

Here are some of our favourites and best sellers to help your organisation prepare for the warmer months.

Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables and Benches

Pembridge™ Picnic Table

Seating up to 8 people, the Pembridge Picnic Table is the ideal addition to any outdoor space. Manufactured with up to 100% recycled material, the recycled plastic picnic bench is available with a choice of environmentally conscious materials and features rounded sections on seat and table edges to promote comfort and safety.

    Enviropol® Material:

A high-quality material consisting of 100% recycled plastic, Enviropol Material is 100% recyclable at the end of its service life.

    Timberpol® Material:

Providing a natural wood-effect appearance, Timberpol material contains a wood/polymer composite made from 95% recycled and sustainably sourced raw materials.

To learn more about the material Glasdon use when manufacturing seating, see our FAQ: Which materials for Glasdon use for their seats and benches?

Pembridge Picnic TableClose up of a Pembridge Picnic Table

Designed to be vandal and weather-resistant, the Pembridge Picnic Table requires minimal maintenance, never needing surface treatments or painting.

The Pembridge Picnic Table is also available as a wheelchair accessible picnic table: Pembridge Picnic Table with Wheelchair Access.

Lowther™ Seat

Ideal for parks, seafronts and outdoor public spaces, the Lowther Seat is a cost-effective traditional street bench designed to coordinate with existing street furniture. Available with a choice of slat materials, including Enviropol and Timberpol, the bench utilises recycled materials to create a durable, vandal-resistant and environmentally-conscious seating solution.

Close-up of the Lowther SeatClose-up of the right-hand side of the Lowther Seat

Requiring minimal maintenance, the recycled bench undergoes salt-spray testing in our Quality Assurance Laboratory to replicate the corrosion process of long-term weather impacts to ensure the product performs well regardless of external conditions.

The Lowther Single Seat is also available, providing a smaller recycled seating solution.

Solutions for Little Ones

For campsites, playgrounds, school fields and other outdoor areas for children, the Junior Countryside™ Picnic Table provides a seating option with reduced height to allow easy and safe access for children. Specially designed for children, the seat is tough and durable and features sturdy steel supports.

Requiring minimal maintenance, the Junior Countryside Picnic Table withstands severe weather conditions and vandalism and will not rot or splinter.

With a choice of Enviropol or Timberpol material slats, the picnic table contains recycled material and arrives fully assembled for immediate use.

Munchy the Caterpillar Seat on the grass

To see the entire range of outdoor school benches, including Munchy™ the Caterpillar Seat, see the full range of playground benches and school picnic tables.

Sustainably Sourced Hardwood Seating

Larbreck™ Traditional FSC® Certified Hardwood Seating

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) are an international organisation dedicated to promoting the responsible management of forests worldwide. For a hardwood seating product to gain FSC certification, a bench must contain timber sourced from well-managed forests in an environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable manner.

A Larbreck Seat fixed on a public pathway

Along with the rest of the FSC Certified Hardwood Seating range, the Larbreck Traditional FSC® Certified Hardwood Seating uses responsibly sourced hardwood to create a hard-wearing and long-lasting natural wood bench. Ideal for tough environments, the hardwood bench integrates well with natural surroundings and provides an environmentally considerate seating option.

Cycle Compounds

Echelon™ Cycle Shelter

As people ditch their cars for two wheels during the warmer months, many organisations and establishments may look to fit external shelters to house the additional bicycles.

A cost-effective and pre-assembled bicycle shelter, the Echelon Cycle Shelter features a robust 3mm thick Armortec® coated mild steel frame to ensure a long service life. Built to withstand harsh weather, the bike enclosure doesn’t require customer drilling, eliminating additional assembly costs and preventing damage to the frame. Fitted with UV protected 3mm polycarbonate back panels, the bicycle shelter arrives fully assembled, ready for immediate fixing to a prepared concrete base.

A zoomed out image of a Echelon Cycle ShelterEchelon Cycle Shelter against a building

For additional security and larger bike storage, the Echelon Corral Cycle Compound is available for storing up to 20 bicycles.

    Armortec Coating:

Armortec Coating protects products from damage by scratching or corrosion. When tested, Armortec Coating materials last five times longer than samples without coating.

Outdoor Litter Bins

Enviropol® 100 Litter Bin

An extremely robust external bin, the Enviropol 100 Litter Bin suits all external natural surroundings, attraction parks and public spaces. With the warmer weather set to increase tourism, the waste bin is an ideal waste solution for the environmentally-conscious buyer.

Manufactured from 100% recycled Enviropol and Durapol® Materials, the Enviropol 100 Litter Bin is 100% recyclable at the end of its service life.

Two images of an Enviropol 100 Litter Bin - Enviropol 100 on grass - Enviropol 100 on concrete

Offering corrosion and vandal resistance, the litter bin requires minimal maintenance and features an anti-burst lock for additional security.

    Durapol Material:

A polymer formulated to withstand extreme temperature, Durapol material is impact-tested in our Quality Assurance Laboratory as part of our BS EN ISO 9001:2001 test procedure. Durapol will not chip or rust and requires minimal maintenance.

Elipsa™ Litter Bin

A slim and compact outdoor waste solution, the Elipsa Litter Bin has a contemporary and stylish design made to complement public areas.

The bin's lift-off body and base plinth with a keyed locking system minimises lifting requirements and reduces the need for manual handling, while an anti-fly posting recess and textured finish create a weather-resistant, vandal-resistant and hard-wearing exterior.

Elipsa Litter Bin in blackElipsa Litter Bin in millstone

Available in black, dark blue, millstone and concrete grey, the Elipsa Litter Bin utilises an oval design to offer minimal disturbance to footways. When purchasing the black model, the bin contains 15% recycled material.

Glasdon Jubilee™ 240 Wheelie Bin Housing

Perfect for high footfall areas, litter hotspots and tourist locations, the Glasdon Jubilee 240 Wheelie Bin Housing is a large capacity waste management solution. Containing 15% recycled content, the outdoor litter bin is 100% recyclable at the end of its service life and impact-tested to ensure enduring high performance.

Designed to offer a large capacity waste solution, the litter bin reduces the likelihood of overflowing litter and reduces collection costs. Manufactured using Durapol material, the Glasdon Jubilee 240 Wheelie Bin Housing has a long service life and will not rust or chip, reducing maintenance costs and requirements.

Three images of the Glasdon Jubilee 240 - Zoomed in image of the Litter label, full image of the Glasdon Jubilee 240 and a zoomed-in image of the apertures

Maintenance is reduced further with the addition of REEN technology. Wirelessly fitted to the bin, a REEN sensor provides continuous litter and recycling container monitoring. Through such, REEN technology allows users to monitor the current fill level, temperature, location, and status of the waste bin. It also uses this data to generate an optimal pick-up route.

For more information on REEN sensors, read our guide: What is the REEN sensor?, or alternatively, view the entire REEN technology litter bin range.

A Glasdon Jubilee 240 Mixed Recycling Wheelie Bin Housing is also available to fulfil recycling waste requirements.

Outdoor Recycling Bins

Modus™ 1280 Recycling Housing

Ideal for apartments blocks, workplaces, universities and other establishments with a high footfall, the Modus 1280 Recycling Housings are a high capacity and durable waste solution. Securing up to a 1280-litre wheeled bin, the outdoor recycling station increases recycling rates and improves outdoor appearance by reducing the number of recycling bins required.

Modus Duo Recycling Bin - General Waste and Paper

Manufactured using extremely strong Ecoboard™ panels with a 100% recycled material core, the Modus Housings utilises a percentage of post-consumer and post-industrial recycled waste to create a sturdy and weather-resistant waste solution while considering the environment.

Nexus® City Wheelie Bin Housing

An extremely robust recycling solution, the Nexus City Wheelie Bin Housing range is ideal for outside offices, residential buildings and supermarkets. Available with varying apertures to match waste requirements, the recycling station features a double-skinned construction for added stability and strength.

Two images of the Nexus City Wheelie Bin Housing - Four Nexus City bins lined against a wall - Close-up of Nexus City apertures

Containing 15% recycled content (black model only), the Nexus City remains durable, weather-resistant and able to withstand heavy use and operator misuse.

Water Safety

Guardian™ Lifebuoy Housing

As people flock to beaches and waterways to enjoy the warm weather, water safety equipment becomes more important than ever.

Offering ideal protection for lifebuoys and the B-Line rescue buoy, the Guardian Lifebuoy Housing is easily recognisable in an emergency and comes in two standard sizes: 24” or 30”. Fully compliant with Chapter III of the Life Saving Appliances code as per the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), the Guardian Lifebuoy Housing utilises Ropemaster™ Quick Release Rope Management System to save valuable seconds in the event of rescue attempts. Tough and durable, the housings are drop tested to over 30 metres and supplied with high visibility yellow grab lines and class 1 retroreflective banding.

Guardian Lifebuoy Housing fixed beside a railing on a promenade

To learn more about water safety equipment, read the Glasdon Buyers Guide: Guardian Lifebuoy Housing.

Dog Waste Bins

Fido 25™ Dog Waste Bin

Designed to be wall or post-mounted, the Fido 25 Dog Waste Bin is ideal for external use in recreational areas, parks and public walkways. With a self-returning lid and a moulded plastic liner, the pet waste bin offers easy cleaning and low maintenance.

Available in red or deep green, the dog litter bins are easily identifiable and, due to their high visibility, encourages owners to collect and dispose of their pets’ waste.

A handy sack dispenser and sacks are also available as an optional extra for the Fido 25.

Two Fido 25 Dog Waste Bins in green

To learn more about the importance of cleaning up dog waste and guidance on improving dog waste collection schemes, read No Harm, No Foul: Lockdown Puppies and Dog Waste.

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