Guide to Specifying a GRP Enclosure

You know the application well and the budget that’s available, but what are the other considerations when specifying a GRP enclosure or housing?

  • If the project is time-critical should you choose a standard size over a bespoke model?
  • And how will it be delivered to the site?

As GRP enclosure manufacturers, we’ve compiled this quick guide with answers to your questions and how to specify your next housing solution.

GRP Enclosures Manufacturers - Glasdon

Why Choose a GRP Enclosure?

Glassfibre reinforced polyester, also known as GRP, has many long-term benefits over other construction materials, which make it ideal for external environments and industrial applications.

GRP is corrosion, vandal and weather resistant. Its durability also makes it easy to maintain over a long service life and it can withstand extreme temperatures.

Learn more about the modular GRP enclosure that Lilleker Bros Ltd selected
to house the equipment for Nigeria’s first monorail.

Is GRP Right for this Type of Application?

Another major benefit of GRP material is its versatility. Manufactured in individual wall and roof panels, it can be used to create different standard size GRP enclosure solutions such as the Element™ GRP Housings right through to large bespoke GRP enclosures.

Typically, GRP enclosures are used to house equipment that requires all-weather protection and security to prevent access from unauthorised personnel.

Employed by a wide range of sectors including industrial, energy, communications, transport and public sectors, GRP enclosures are often sited externally to cover and protect generators, electrical substations, mobile and broadband networks, metering technology, plant and power supply rooms.

Which Size GRP Enclosure Do We Need?

Before selecting the footprint and height of the housing, consideration should be given to any clearance that may be required around the equipment.

You should also consider whether or not sheltered access is required to the equipment for operation or maintenance. Does it need to be a walk-in enclosure with room for one or more personnel at a time?

If you would like some guidance on this, please liaise with one of our specialists first. Our experienced team are on hand to assist you in choosing the ideal GRP enclosure for the project's requirements.

Bespoke or Standard Size GRP Enclosure?

Element GRP Enclosures - available in 10 standard sizes

If the project requires an install within a short timescale, a standard size model can be the ideal solution to explore.

With the Element GRP Housing range, Glasdon customers can choose from 10 standard sizes, starting 1m x 2m x 2.5m up to 5m x 3m x 2.5m. All offer a clear internal height of 2.5m and thanks to its modular GRP panel design each can be specified further in 1m lengths to suit any application.

Alternatively, where a project requires enhanced customisation to meet more complex or intricate requirements, bespoke solutions such as the Garrison™ GRP Modular Housing are a must.

With heights up to 3.5m and layouts up to 6m x 20m, the Garrison really offers superior levels of choice in its design. Talk to our team today about your project’s requirements.

Can a GRP Enclosure Provide Ventilation?

Yes. Although the individual GRP wall panels are essentially complete, another advantage of the material in this form is that each panel can be easily adapted and tailored to include vents in the exact locations required around the housing structure.

Our team are on hand to assist with detailed floor plans to ensure any optional ventilation points are positioned accurately.

How are GRP Enclosures Delivered?

Glasdon GRP enclosures are delivered fully assembled. They can also be delivered in panel form should adequate access to the site for fully assembled delivery not be available.

Garrison™ GRP Housing delivered fully assembled by Glasdon

How is a GRP Enclosure Fixed to the Ground?

Install your Glasdon GRP enclosure or housing with steel reinforced ground fixings, expanding anchor bolts or with a resin base fixing if required.

What are the Access and Security Options for a GRP Enclosure?

The adaptive modular design of enclosures and housings manufactured with GRP panels, allows for a range of door sizes, entrance and exit options and positions.

Standard size models in the Element range offer up to 3 door sizes including single and double doors with optional door stays. While bespoke solutions such as the Garrison allow for more customisation, multiple designated access / egress points and the option of roller shutters which are useful in a variety of industrial settings.

Maximise the security and safety of the enclosure and prevent unauthorised access with a wide choice of deadlock sets and sashlock sets.

How to Specify a GRP Enclosure with Glasdon

If you would like any advice about which GRP Enclosure or Housing to choose for your next installation please don't hesitate to talk to the Glasdon team today. We are available via Live Chat on this website
or alternatively please request a callback.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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