So Watts the Difference Here?

Local authorities across the UK have cut their unmetered electricity costs by up to 91% by switching their traffic sign downlights to a more sustainable and cost effective alternative.

A typical Type A / Type B CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) illuminated sign light consumes up to 46 watts.

The Glasdon Lumino City™ and Ecolumino™ range of LED downlighters illuminate traffic signs up to 750mm or 1500mm diameter and offer reduced power consumption from as low as 2.8 watts and up to just 8 watts!

Introducing Lumino City 750 & 1500 LED Downlighters...

Choose Lumino City 750 for signfaces with diameters up to 750mm and Lumino City 1500 for larger signfaces up to 1500mm.

The Lumino City range offers low power consumption without compromising on luminance performance. The light conforms to BS EN 12899-1 Class UE3 for uniformity of illuminance, and Class E2 for mean illuminance.

And constructed with Glasdon Impactapol® the downlighter housings are specially designed to absorb vehicle sideswipes, returning to their normal position after a collision.

Key features of the Lumino City range:

  • Energy efficiency: Reduces energy costs, maintenance and carbon footprint. Lumino City 750 can be mains powered using as little as 3.0 watts. Lumino City 1500 is mains powered using just 8 watts!
  • High performance optics: Optimal light spread and uniformity using the fewest LED's possible for better reliability and lower power usage.
  • IP66 rated housing: Totally dust tight and protection against powerful jets of water from any direction for a long product life with reduced maintenance.
  • Zodian infrared photocell: Draws minimal standby power and ensures the unit is only illuminated during the hours of darkness. UMSUG Code 94 0001 1000 100.
  • LED life span: The LED’s have a minimum life span of 50,000 hours. Equating to approximately 10 years when operated with the built–in Photocell or with a CMS device.
  • Variety of fixings: Innovative 4 in 1 Bracket Option offers a choice of double or single sided 76mm or 89mm fixing brackets for post top or mid post fixing. Universal brackets for wider posts and wall fixings, offset and specialist brackets are also available.

For Optimum Control – Just Add...

  • Central Management System (CMS) internal cradle: Integrate with existing or new CMS through installation of CMS telecell devices inside the housing. The telecell is completely enclosed for maximum protection, reducing the risk of vandalism or damage and ensuring interference free operation of the telecell.

Upgrade Existing CCFL Housings with Ecolumino™ LED Downlighter Gear Tray

The Ecolumino LED Downlighter is a retro-fittable LED sign light that draws from just 2.8 watts up to 4.2 watts.

This efficient solution to converting existing CCFL fittings is available for signfaces with diameters up to 750mm or 1500mm.

Key features of the Ecolumino 750 and 1500:

  • Energy efficiency: Low wattage LEDs with an in-use power consumption of just 2.8W (750 model). Fully compliant with BS EN 12899-1 on Luminance levels.
  • High performance optics: State-of-the-art optics distribute light evenly over the full face of the sign to fully comply with Class UE3.
  • LED life span: The LED’s have a minimum life span of 50,000 hours. Equating to approximately 10 years when operated with the built–in Photocell or with a CMS device (see above for info).
  • Contains none of the harmful chemicals found in fluorescent lamps.

Retrofit the Ecolumino 750 and 1500 to the following brands...

To upgrade and illuminate signs up to 750mm with the Ecolumino 750, select:

  • Type 1 - To fit Signature Exlite LA/Exlite Titan*/Forest City/Pearce Gowshall
  • Type 2 - To fit Signature Delta
  • Type 3 - To fit Simmonsigns LUA *Requires an additional conversion fixing kit.

To upgrade and illuminate signs up to 1500mm with the Ecolumino 1500, select:

  • Type 1 - To fit Signature Majorlite T8 (L8) Type B
  • Type 2 - To fit Signature Majorlite LD3 Type D/Majorlite LB Type B/ Forest City
  • Type 3 - To fit Simmonsigns LUB MKT
  • Type 4 - To fit Simmonsigns LUB

Talk to us today about how the Lumino City and Ecolumino range of LED downlighters can meet your specifications.

Use our live chat feature at the bottom of this page, call us on 01253 600411 or email highways@glasdon-uk.co.uk

Friday, July 15, 2016
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