How Do I Choose a Litter Bin?

We recognise that waste management requirements may completely differ from one organisation or setting to another. That's why we supply a variety of different litter bins that will suit all styles, budgets and requirements.

We have answered some of the most commonly asked questions to help you decide which litter solution is right for your setting.

Scroll through the handy litter bin guide below to help you choose your bin.

litter bin help guide with dimensions diagram

litter bin symbols key image

  • FAQ: What capacity should I choose?

Glasdon offer an extensive range of litter bins and litter wheelie bin housings from 25 litres up to 360 litres.

The capacity of the bin you require will depend on the intended placement and frequency of emptying. So, if you are looking for units for high footfall areas such as shopping and retail centres or tourist hotspots, it's likely you will require some larger capacity bins of 200 up to 360 litres to capture the increased volume of on-the-go litter.

Check out the Litter Bin Guide above for maximum capacity information.

  • FAQ: Do I need a fixing?

In outdoor locations, fixings are recommended for added security, however Glasdon litter bins are extremely robust and durable in all weathers and settings.

We've created a litter and recycling bin fixings guide, as well as a helpful infographic, to help you select an appropriate fixing for the location of your bin. If you are still unsure, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to advise.

Fixings for Litter and Recycling Bins Download our free Litter and Recycling Bin Fixings Infographic, here.

  • FAQ: How much maintenance does my litter bin require?

We manufacture metal and polymer litter bins using the highest quality materials.

Most of our polymer bins are made from Durapol® and require very little maintenance.

Durapol is able to withstand challenging weather conditions and also incorporates UV inhibitors that slows down natural colour degradation and extends the bin’s functional life. This reduces the costly expenses that are often associated with cleaning, maintaining and replacing litter bins.

Most of our metal litter bins are constructed from Armortec® coated steel which is vandal, corrosion and weather resistant. This helps to prolong the life span of our metal litter bins.

We're confident that our bins are produced to the highest of standards, which is why our products undergo rigorous product testing.

View all Glasdon product testing videos on our youtube channel.

  • FAQ: Can I personalise my litter bin?

We design many of our litter bins with personalisation in mind, indicated by the personalisation symbol image symbol in the guide above.

This means you can add a unique touch to your organisation's bins by adding a crest, logo or branding graphics as well as co-ordinating with non-standard colours to create the result you require.

Find out more about personalisation and our free visualisation service with personalisation examples here.

  • FAQ: What liner do I need?

We have a number of liner options to choose from depending on the intended placement of your litter bin.

Sack retention systems are a popular choice as they allow plastic bags to be easily fitted whilst ensuring that the aesthetics of the bin are not compromised.

We also offer zinc-coated steel liners which are most appropriate for use in fire-risk areas. The strong and robust metal liners often include drop-handles to provide easier handling and a more hygienic emptying.

Additionally, our robust plastic liners are most appropriate for use in corrosive environments as the material will not rust. The durable polyethylene material will absorb impacts without losing its shape and will also be lighter in weight than a metal equivalent.

  • FAQ: What are the benefits of a transparent litter bin?

We recognise the need for security focused solutions in areas where high security and vigilance is required.

Transparent bins are often preferred for large events and transport hubs as the contents can be easily inspected.

The transparency of the litter bins is also beneficial for passing users who can quickly identify the type of waste that is being collected. This may also help to reduce contamination across your waste management programme.

For high-security areas, we recommend Orbis™ Sack Holder with clear sacks.

  • FAQ: What about fire safety?

For areas where the risk of a bin fire is higher, we offer two optional fire safety solutions on a wide selection of our litter bins. See guide above where this Fire Safety Device symbol fire safety symbol image is highlighted.

  • Firexpire® is a fire extinguishing plate that can be fitted within the top of a selection of our hooded litter bins. Should a fire break out inside of the container, a special heat-responsive device releases the plate which then seals off the mouth of the liner and deprives the fire of oxygen. The device can then be easily replaced using only a screwdriver to reset the device on site. Please note: this device is designed to be used with metal liners only.

Please take a look at our demonstration video:

  • Firesafe™ is an automatic fire suppression device fitted within the hood of the litter bin. Should a fire break out in a bin fitted with Firesafe, the device will activate. It acts similar to an automatic fire extinguisher and requires regular checking to ensure it is in working condition. Once activated the device will need to be replaced.

Please take a look at our demonstration video:

  • FAQ: How well do your litter bins perform at low temperatures?

As part of the Glasdon quality assurance process, our products go through rigorous product testing methods. Among these tests, the litter bins are subject to both low and high temperatures so we can be confident that they will perform even in the most extreme weather conditions.

  • FAQ: What about Smoking Control?

A wide selection of our bins offer additional smoking control options including aperture stubbing plates and hood mounted ashtrays. These models are indicated by this symbol smoking control symbol image in the guide above.

  • FAQ: How do Glasdon Bins work with Smart Waste Management Solutions?

Glasdon have partnered with REEN the providers of smart, wireless waste management technology to enable the Enevo bin sensor to be fitted or retro-fitted to a selection of Glasdon litter bins.

REEN Ready bins are indicated in the guide above by the REEN compatible symbol image symbol.

Visit the REEN Bin Sensor page for more information.

If you require any additional support or advice, please contact or live chat with our team of Waste Management experts today.

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